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Joker 2: Director Todd Phillips Greenlit the Sequel with Joaquin Phoenix’s Return

Joker 2's title, Folie à Deux, is a clinical phrase that describes a mental disorder that affects two or more people in the same family

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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UNITED STATES: The Clown Prince of Crime is officially returning for the sequel with Joaquin Phoenix in the lead. Todd Phillips, the writer and director of Joker, confirmed the sequel by posting a photo of a script on Instagram affirming his work on Joker 2: Folie à Deux.

In addition to the pictures of the script, Phillips posted a photo of Joker himself, i.e., Joaquin Phoenix, reading the script. This obviously hints at the return of the Oscar winner in the Clown Prince of Crime role. Along with Phoenix’s return, Tod Phillips also returns to the director’s chair, along with his co-writer, Scott Silver.

Joker (2019) served as the most profitable R-rated DC film

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The 2019 film Joker follows Arthur Fleck’s life in a tumultuous version of Batman’s birthplace. Arthur navigates the agony of economic class disparity in the heart of Gotham, which triggered his anarchist thought with the representation of revolution. At the same time, he follows his life as a stand-up comic.

Joker grossed approximately $1.074 billion on a $50-70 million budget. As a result, Joker became one of the most profitable DC films and comic-based films ever made in R-rated form in 2019.

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Joker also wrought its magic in India, despite the fact that the film was only released in English. In India, the film grossed 22.51 crore at the box office, making it one of the year’s most successful films. The film followed a stand-alone and completely stand-alone depiction of the Joker, which differed from the DCEU connection. This establishes a beneficial aspect in terms of both character and box office.

The Joker 2 title hints at the arrival of Batman

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Joker 2’s title, Folie à Deux, is a clinical phrase that describes a mental disorder that affects two or more people in the same family. It’s also known as the “Madness of Two,” which is a popular term used floating on the internet. Since the first film introduced the idea of Thomas Wayne being Arthur’s father, the title alludes to Batman’s arrival. These elements will undoubtedly serve as ideal plot points for Joker 2.

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