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Julia Taviel de Andrade Nieto: Navigating Entrepreneurship with Passion and Purpose

Founder of Engineers Sourcing Shares Insights on Effective Communication, Work-Life Balance, and Perseverance

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Sahra Ardah
Sahra Ardah
International artist, art director and producer. Covering human stories and trending topics. She has a PhD in History of Art (2009), and Journalism Master Honors (2009-2011).

SPAIN: Julia Taviel de Andrade Nieto, an entrepreneur driven by a profound passion for anthropology and human behavior, has successfully translated her enthusiasm into a career that allows her to connect with people on individual and societal levels. Despite her academic background in philosophy, Julia discovered her true calling in a profession that nurtures an understanding of human behavior—a curiosity that fuels her daily motivation.

Throughout her professional journey across various companies, Julia identified a recurring issue: a lack of effective communication and a human touch in recruitment processes. This realization prompted her to establish Engineers Sourcing, a company distinguished by its commitment to cultivating robust relationships with both clients and candidates. The core differentiator lies in providing a quality service through active communication, feedback, and a profound understanding of each candidate’s unique circumstances.

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Balancing the demands of her professional life with the challenges of parenthood, Julia, a mother of two young children, has embraced the advantages of technology. Collaborating with her spouse, who resides in a different city, they efficiently manage tasks using a shared Google Calendar. Julia recognizes the evolving nature of work methodologies and acknowledges the pivotal role of remote work in achieving a work-life balance, despite its occasional challenges.

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Reflecting on the dynamic market landscape, Julia credits young entrepreneurs for innovative ideas that simplify daily life. From mobile apps for shopping and tax filing to online learning platforms for children, these innovations significantly contribute to improved work-life integration.

Julia firmly believes in discipline and perseverance, viewing mistakes and failures as stepping stones for improvement. Her daily inspiration comes from her children, whose clear, innocent minds serve as a grounding force, reminding her of life’s true priorities. Rejecting the notion that children deplete energy, she asserts that they serve as teachers, inspirations, and sources of simplicity in life.

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Her parting advice reflects her unwavering belief in the power of determination. “Never let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve something,” Julia asserts. She encourages individuals to embrace their journeys, learn from mistakes, and persist in their pursuits. According to Julia, success is inevitable for those who persist, even if they achieve their goals the last time they try.

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  • Sahra Ardah

    International artist, art director and producer. Covering human stories and trending topics. She has a PhD in History of Art (2009), and Journalism Master Honors (2009-2011).

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