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Kangana Ranaut Claims to Lose Rs 30-40 Cr Per Year after Speaking against ‘Anti-nationals’

Kangana has claimed that she was dropped from over 25 brand endorsements and incurred Rs 30-40 crore loss every year

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INDIA: Kangana Ranaut, the outspoken and fierce Bollywood actress known for making bold statements, has once again made a shocking revelation that is sure to grab headlines. She has claimed that she was dropped from over 25 brand endorsements and incurred Rs 30-40 crore loss every year. Kangana spoke out against “politicians, anti-nationals, tukde-tukde gang,” which resulted in her facing consequences. 

The leading lady of the entertainment world opted for her IG handle and wrote, “This is a character, true freedom and success, speaking for Hinduism, against politicians/anti-nationals/tukde gang cost me 20-25 brand endorsements, they dropped me overnight and that amounted to a loss of 30-40 cr per year.”

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“But I am free and nothing should stop me from saying what I want, definitely not agenda-driven multinational companies and their corporate brand heads who hates India its culture and integrity… I appreciate Elon because everyone displays only weaknesses, at least rich people should not care for money… I see that the richer they get more deprived they become,” she added.

The actress has faced several violations on her Twitter account in the recent past due to her bold and controversial statements against certain individuals. Her account was flagged, and she was subsequently blocked on the social media platform. However, since Elon Musk took over the Twitter platform, she has not experienced anything like this before. She consistently praised Musk on public platforms. 

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Kangana will make her directorial debut in “Emergency” on the professional front. The actress has “Tejas,” “Chandramukhi 2,” “Manikarnika Returns: The Legend of Didda,” and “The Incarnation: Sita” in her pipeline. However, the release dates have not been confirmed yet.

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