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Linda Yaccarino: The New CEO of Twitter Records Her First Workday

Musk declared his intention to transform the website into something he termed X

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UNITED STATES: About a month after Elon Musk nominated Linda Yaccarino as the next CEO of Twitter, Yaccarino tweeted late on Monday that she had officially started working for the social media business.

In May, Musk billionaire said that the site’s business operations would be managed by Linda Yaccarino, the former chief of advertising at NBCUniversal.

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The new CEO marked her first day of working in Twitter by tweeting, “It happened — first day in the books! Stay tuned…”

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Yaccarino, a former NBCUniversal executive in charge of advertising, is taking over Twitter when the social media network attempts to stem a decline in ad income.

Yaccarino will help create an “everything app” for Twitter, according to Musk. Joe Benarroch, former NBCUniversal CEO, joined the company on Monday. Benarroch was in charge of the Advertising and Partnerships section of the Comcast-owned company’s marketing strategy before joining Twitter.

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With fewer than 10% of Fortune 500 tech businesses run by women, Yaccarino is an unusual example of a woman in a leadership position at a significant tech company.

Her work has been characterised by strong partnerships with large corporations, chances for product placement, and persuading them to sponsor television programmes. She has also cultivated ties in the realm of digital media, including Snapchat, Apple News, and YouTube. She was described as being busy, married, and the mother of two kids in a 2005 article.

Musk declared his intention to transform the website into something he termed X by adding payment options, encrypted messaging, and phone calls. However, he dismissed hundreds of employees, including those responsible for handling nasty online messages.

Yaccarino will have to oversee a company that has struggled to be profitable while coming under scrutiny for how Twitter tackles false information, and addresses hate speech.

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