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Belarus President Lukashenko Hospitalized following Meeting with Vladimir Putin

Reports suggest that Lukashenko's condition is critical, and leading doctors are actively treating him to address his health concerns

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BELARUS/RUSSIA: Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko was swiftly admitted to a hospital in Moscow after his recent meeting with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, as confirmed by Valery Tsepkalo, the head of the opposition in Belarus. 

Reports suggest that Lukashenko’s condition is critical, and leading doctors are actively treating him to address his health concerns. The close bond between Lukashenko and Putin has been evident, particularly amid Russia’s ongoing military actions in Ukraine.

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While further verification is awaited from additional sources, preliminary information indicates that Lukashenko was urgently transferred to the Central Clinical Hospital in Moscow immediately following his private discussion with Putin. Valery Tsepkalo’s recent tweet confirms that Lukashenko remains under medical care at the facility.

According to Valery Tsepkalo, Lukashenko has undergone blood purifying procedures, and his treatment is being carried out by highly skilled medical professionals. The decision to keep him in the hospital is based on his non-transportable health condition and serves to dispel speculations about Kremlin involvement in any poisoning incidents.

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Rumors regarding Lukashenko’s health have persisted for some time. Earlier this month, the Belarusian president abruptly left Russia after attending the Victory Day parade in Moscow, declining a lunch invitation from President Putin. Media reports indicated Lukashenko appeared fatigued and had his right hand bandaged.

Lukashenko himself dismissed rumors of his impending demise, clarifying that he was not facing a life-threatening situation. He attributed his ailment to the common cold caused by the adenovirus, assuring the public that he only required three days to recover. Lukashenko emphasized, “If anyone assumes I am on the brink of death, please remain calm.”

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