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Mahua Moitra Lands in Problem on Kali Remark

"Every Hindu has the right to worship their Gods the way they like," remarked Moitra

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INDIA.KOLKATA: Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Mahua Moitra lands in a controversy regarding her remark on different Goddess Kali at a media event. Moitra has always had out of the box views on varied subject and stir a hullabaloo.

A Bhartiya Janata Party(BJP) leader Jiten Chaterjee, has filed an FIR against Moitra accusing her of hurting religious feelings.The Bengal BJP leaders said that they would move the court alleging police inaction if no measure was initiated against her within 10 days.

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Coming to her rescue, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor said, “taken aback by the attack on Mahau Moitra for her comments on Goddess Kali.” And urged people to “lighten up and leave the religion” to individuals to practice privately. He further said “We have reached a stage where no one can say anything publicly about any aspect of religion without someone claiming to be offended. It is obvious that Mahua Moitra wasn’t trying to offend anyone.”

The controversy kicked up on Tuesday when Moitra was addressing an audience at India Today Conclave East 2022. The MP has said that the director has every right as an individual to imagine Goddess Kali as “a meat eater and alcohol accepting Goddess”  as every person has the right to worship God in their way.

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 She added, “I go to Tarapith and offer her whisky. Me being a Hindu and a Kali worshiper I have all the right to image my Goddess as a meat-eater. That is my freedom and I don’t think anyone’s sentiments would be hurt. Religion should be personal ambit, as long as I am not interfering with your personal space so shouldn’t you.

Moitra explained further, “If you go to Bhutan or Sikkim, they offer whisky to their Gods while performing puja. Now if you go to Uttar Pradesh and say that you offer whisky to your God as prasad, they will say OH My God! that’s blasphemous. The sadhus over there are seen smoking too”

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The TMC MP spoke out when asked for her response to the latest outrage over a film poster that showed a woman dressed as Goddess Kali smoking a cigarette and holding a pride flag. To which she replied that she had every right as an individual to imagine Goddess Kali as a meat-eating and alcohol-accepting Goddess, as each person had his or her unique way of worshipping deities.

Her remarks on Goddess Kali have landed her in hot soup with her party. The TMC has already distanced itself from Moitra’s comments, stating that, “The comments made by Mahua Moitra at the India Today Conclave East 2022 and her views expressed on Goddess kali have been made in her personal capacity and are not endorsed by the party in any manner or form”.

Soon after this tweet from the party, Moitra unfollowed TMC on Twitter. The TMC leadership stated that it “in no way supports the comments” and is likely to caution her from making such statements in the future. “Most likely, an explanation will be sought from her, and she will be cautioned from making such remarks in the future,” a senior TMC leader told the media.

 BJP leader Rathindra Bose went on record saying Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee should clarify. This is not the first time TMC leaders have said outrageous things. None of the Hindus voted for them to hurt their sentiments.

Replying to that Moitra tweeted today, “Bring it on BJP! I am a Kali worshiper. I am not afraid of anything. Not your ignoramuses. No your goons. Not your police. And most certainly not your trolls. Truth doesn’t need backup forces.”

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