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Tesla Unveils Solar Trailer in Germany

Tesla holds the monopoly of being the world's most valuable automaker

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GERMANY: The much-awaited trailer is out now, “Tesla” displayed a solar trailer in Germany, where it even has its third gigafactory. The trailer is equipped with a Starlink satellite via broadband connectivity and has Tesla Model Y batteries.

This German project previously launched solar panels for homes but never had a plan of putting solar panels on its cars like Lightyear. At the IdeenExpo in Hannover, it launched the add-on, which could be expected to the ‘Cybertruck’ when it launches next year.

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Tesla holds the monopoly of being the world’s most valuable automaker. Per Tesla CEO “Elon Musk”, the trailer is fundamentally an amalgamation of Starlink connectivity and a Tesla Model Y battery in the 4680 cell format.

This is nothing out of the box because Musk had previously discussed doing something like this for the ‘Cybertruck’ when the car was first unveiled ahead pandemic. Adding on to the statement, he said: that fold-out panels could add 64 km of range per day.

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This Tesla project looks very compact and insubstantial; it just looks like a chaplet of solar panels was added on top of an existing trailer. This is nothing new for Musk to create something like this. The manufacturer does build the entire solar panel.

Still, before putting them on top of one of its EVs, it put some of them on a small trailer and took it to IdeenExpo in Hannover, Germany, without giving a valid reason.

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Before Telsa brought home this technology, other companies like Aptera, Sono and Lightyear had some success with projects involving efficient vehicles using power-packed solar cells. But when it comes to full-fledged electric vehicles, it was never a popular solar power since then. It doesn’t append much range due to the less efficiency.

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