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Ecuadorian Tragedy: Mayor of Manta Assassinated in Attack

The individual suspected to be the shooter managed to escape the scene, as reported by police officials

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Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan
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ECUADOR: Agustin Intriago, the mayor of Manta, an Ecuadorian port city on the Pacific, was fatally shot on Sunday, according to the authorities, in a shocking political assassination.

The 38-year-old Intriago, who was re-elected as Manta’s mayor in February, was reportedly checking public works in the city when the incident occurred, the police said.

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According to regional police chief Edwin Noguera, a shooter opened fire on Intriago after exiting a stolen truck, striking both of them as well as a lady who was called a “collateral victim.” Both passed away from their wounds.

Following an attack on the mayor, security officials engaged in gunfire with the vehicle’s driver, who was wounded and subsequently taken into police custody. The driver, identified as a Venezuelan national, had no previous criminal record, according to Noguera.

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The individual suspected to be the shooter managed to escape the scene, as reported by Noguera. During the incident, the police discovered a grenade and a firearm, which are believed to have been used in the attack.

The motive behind the attack on the mayor remains unclear. However, the police mentioned that the mayor had previously reported receiving threats, though further details on the nature of those threats were not provided at the time.

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Ecuador has been grappling with a surge in violent crime, which the government attributes to territorial disputes between criminal organisations involved in drug trafficking.

The city of Manta, with its population of over 200,000, has particularly suffered at the hands of these gangs. Additionally, the nation’s security concerns are exacerbated by pervasive general crime stemming from economic and social challenges.

President Guillermo Lasso expressed his deep grief over the “killing” of Intriago in a statement on Twitter, vowing to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice by instructing the authorities accordingly.

Rafael Correa, a former president of Ecuador, tweeted his disbelief and the following statement, “I can’t believe this has happened.”

The mayor of the city of Duran was the target of gunmen in May. He survived the attack unharmed, although the media stated that one police officer was killed and numerous others were injured. Intriago belonged to a Manta-based political party.

Earlier reports indicated that six individuals lost their lives over the weekend, with 11 more sustaining injuries in the most recent surge of gang-related violence causing turmoil in Ecuador’s prisons.

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