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Marseille Explosion: 2 Killed, Eight Missing in France

In 2018, the collapse of two run-down structures in the working-class neighbourhood of Noailles resulted in eight fatalities in Marseille

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FRANCE: Two dead were found in the debris of a building that collapsed in Marseille after a significant explosion, as rescuers searched for six people still missing. The four-story structure was brought down by the blast around 24 hours prior.

On Sunday night, rescue workers went back to work, but a raging fire made their jobs harder and made it hard for sniffer dogs to work. The fire service stated that the extraction of the bodies would take time due to the difficulties of intervention.

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The people who died in an explosion and fall in Marseille, France, were named by the court. The blast and fall, which happened at 1.40 am on Sunday local time, caused minor injuries to five people from nearby buildings. Benoit Payan, the mayor of Marseille, issued a statement expressing his pain and sorrow. The state and city services are committed to continuing the search.

The cause of the explosion at 15 Rue de Tivoli is still unknown, but investigators are considering the possibility that a gas leak may have contributed to it. The structure, which is believed to have had one flat on each story, was in rubble as more than 100 firemen battled the wildfire. 

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A man was able to escape the building with his wife and two children before it and a nearby structure collapsed. A third building partially collapsed.

Five people were injured in a bomb blast in La Plaine, France. Gérald Darmanin, the interior minister, visited the scene and reported that 30 buildings had been evacuated. Saveria Mosnier, who lives in a street close to the site, reported a persistent, pungent petrol aroma.

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Olivier Klein, the French minister of housing, and Christophe Mirmand, the prefect of the southern Bouches-du-Rhône area, are worried about what caused the fires. Gas is one possible cause.

Nearly 200 residents were relocated, 50 of them asked for housing, and a help centre was established for those looking for lost family members or loved ones.

In 2018, the collapse of two run-down structures in the working-class neighbourhood of Noailles resulted in eight fatalities in Marseille. Aid organisations claim 40,000 people live in substandard homes, but authorities ruled out structural problems in the most recent collapse, which occurred in a district famed for its bars and nightlife. Four people were killed in the 1996 gas explosion, eight in 1981, five in 1985, and eight in 1981.

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