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Martin Cooper Urges to Reduce Dependency Over the Phone

The mighty creator of technology says one should get a life beyond mobile phones

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UNITED STATES: The man who originated the first-ever cell phone, Martin Cooper, urged smartphone users to “get a life” and reduce dependency on their devices.

During an interview with BBC Breakfast on Thursday, 93-year-old engineer Martin Cooper made the shocking statement that people should limit their time spent on their phones.

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The mighty creator of technology says one should get a life beyond mobile phones. Subsequently, 50 years after developing the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, the first wireless cellular handset, Cooper believes people depend more on phones. A man who provided the first portable phone to the market.

In an interview, host Jayne McCubbin asked him, “What would you say to anyone, like myself, who uses it for upwards of five hours?” Replying to it, he said, “Do you? You spend five hours a day; get a life!” and then he started laughing. This statement of his makes the whole world go off-grid. The Gadget King admitted to using his mobile phone less than ‘5%’ of his time.

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One of Cooper’s most exceptional revolutions has been visualised way long back; he wanted the cellphone’s design to be “small enough to put in your pocket, but big enough so that it could go between your ears and your mouth,” which is possible today because of him.

With eleven patents in the field, Martin Cooper is a frontrunner in the wireless communications industry, particularly in radio spectrum management.

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Martin Cooper co-founded several communications firms with his wife, Arlene Harris. He is the co-founder and also the current Chairman of Dyna LLC, based in Del Mar, California.

Cooper also serves on committees that support the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Commerce.

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