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Mercedes Unveils Upgraded W14 with Radical Sidepod Redesign ahead of Monaco Grand Prix

Mercedes dropped their innovative "zeropod" design after its repeated underperformance

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
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MONACO: Mercedes has given F1 fans a glimpse of their heavily upgraded W14 ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix, with a leaked image revealing a radical sidepod redesign that strikingly resembles championship leaders Red Bull.

The Mercedes garage will be the centre of attention as the F1 world converges on Monaco this weekend.

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Described by some as a B-spec car, Mercedes fans are desperately hoping the updated W14 will mark a significant turning point for the eight-time constructors’ champion, bidding farewell to the problematic zero-pods that have plagued them since the start of 2022.

F1 journalist Albert Fabrega took to Twitter to share an image of the new Mercedes car, showcasing the reimagined sidepod design that closely resembles that of their fierce rivals, Red Bull.

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The leaked picture confirmed earlier speculations surrounding the team’s decision to abandon their infamous zero-pods.

Originally planned to be unveiled at the Imola race, the Mercedes team had to reveal the upgraded W14 at Monaco due to its cancellation.

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The hype train is in full steam over the upgrades as Mercedes aims to regain its competitive edge after a challenging start to the 2023 season.

Team principal Toto Wolff has been cautious about setting overly high expectations, acknowledging that the upgrades will not serve as a “silver bullet” to instant success.

However, he hoped that the revamped design would provide their drivers with a more stable and predictable platform, serving as a foundation for further development in the coming weeks and months.

Emphasising the competitive nature of Formula 1, Wolff acknowledged that Mercedes still has work to do to reach their desired position but stressed the team’s commitment to hard work and dedication.

With a determination to reclaim their position at the front of the grid, Mercedes is working hard in their quest for success.

As the Monaco Grand Prix approaches, all eyes will be on Mercedes as they unleash their upgraded W14 on the legendary street circuit.

The team’s bold decision to revamp the sidepod design marks a clear statement of intent, signalling their relentless pursuit of performance and a fierce battle for supremacy in F1.

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