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Methods to Deal with Travel Anxiety: De-stressing During Travel

Travel stress has been noticed in many travellers since the pandemic

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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INDIA: Travel stress and anxiety are a common thread that links all kinds and modes of travel, whether by air, road or rail. Following the pandemic, travel stress has been observed in many travellers who have to make regular travel plans due to businesses or jobs.

It becomes difficult for some people who have to uproot themselves from the tranquillity of the place they have been accustomed to and make plans of escapade. Lethargy frequently comes to regular travellers, which brings anxiety and negative emotions.

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Time and again, lifestyle experts have elucidated how travel anxieties are normal and should not be observed as something rare and eccentric. 

Methods to deal with travel stress and anxiety

In a recent interview with prominent media outlet, Dr Dinika Anand, a Clinical Psychologist at the BLK-Max Super-speciality Hospital, talked about travel anxeity. 

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She added, “It’s critical to understand that experiencing anxiety is common and not something to be ashamed of. We must accept its existence and take action to deal with it. This could entail researching and speaking with people who have visited the location, realising that vacations require work, and identifying our unique triggers and push points.”

“We may control and eliminate our worries by coming up with mental and behavioural answers, such as purchasing travel insurance or bringing comfortable items. We can enjoy our time abroad and forge fresh, meaningful relationships with the environment by bringing our comforts and making preparations for our worries,” she added further.

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Liberatha Kallat, Chairperson and Managing Director at DreamFolks Services Limited, suggested that airport amenities could significantly aid travellers in relaxing during layovers and wait times. 

Amenities like a fully functioning waiting lounge ensuring a tranquil environment, providing complementary food, and high-speed WiFi that would encourage the travellers to watch something on their devices during the wait could make a sufficient impact on the mental health of these passengers. 

Kallat highlights further, “While a representative may assist with check-in, security clearance, baggage drop, and escorting passengers to their departure gate, meet and greet services also lessen the stress of air travel. By using airport services, travellers can relax knowing that all of their needs will be met, freeing them up to concentrate on their upcoming journey.”

Co-founder and CMO of Mivi, Midhula Devanhaktuni, has stressed the importance of music to having healing properties that can help a traveller de-stress. The beats of a traveller’s favourite song can help calm the soul, especially when travelling. She said, “As the great philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” 

According to her, music has the amazing power to take us to another state of consciousness, assist us in escaping our present reality and reduce anxiety. This is very important in terms of lowering travel anxiety. Your favourite songs’ rhythms and melodies might help you feel safe and at ease in a new setting while blocking distracting background sounds.

She also added that the music could instil a sense of continuity and comfort in a chaotic and foreign situation, whether it’s a playlist of your favourite songs, a nostalgic classic album, or a new artist you came across while travelling.

Therefore, the next time you’re nervous about travelling, think about selecting your favourite songs and cranking them up loud to calm your worries and improve your travel experience, she concluded. 

Abhilasha Negi, Co-founder of Sankash, explained that the best way a traveller can avoid the anxiety of a trip is by ascertaining they have sufficient finances that have been organised optimally.

 She added, Platforms for “Travel Now and Pay Later” that have assisted in changing the emphasis from “Save and Spend” to “Travel Now and Pay Later.” This would reduce stress while travelling and make it more accessible and affordable.

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