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10 Brilliant Travel Hacks to Try on Your Next Trip

Top hacks to enhance your travelling experience

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Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan
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INDIA: Travelling and exploring different corners of the world is one of the most thrilling and enriching experiences, but it can be challenging, even for those who thrive more on the road than anywhere else.

Unexpected issues, like expensive hotel or flight fares, luggage problems, being stuck without battery or Wi-Fi for hours, or spilling creams into your luggage, can stress you out and make your trip messy. The turbulence and chaos in our travel plans must stop. It’s time to smooth things out. 

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Try these tips right immediately to keep your attention entirely on the good aspects of your vacations.

Try these 10 travel hacks right away

Pack efficiently with luggage scales

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You can cram more into one backpack if you have excellent packing skills. Learn how to roll your clothes, slip your belt under your shirt, put your outfits together strategically, and just pack what you need for comfort. Moreover, don’t put off packing till the last minute!

Additionally, most airlines have tight baggage weight restrictions; if you exceed them, you’ll be charged extra. You may easily avoid this by packing lightly and using luggage scales to ensure you’re within the limit. You can even get luggage scales that are small enough to fit in your carry bag, and are reasonably priced.

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Alternatively, if you feel fancy and have the money, you may spend it on a suitcase with a built-in weight scale. Although they are a bit more expensive, this will make remaining within the weight limit a breeze.

Extra clothing and squishy carry-on

When travelling, always include extra clothing in your carry-on. Even if it has never occurred to you, baggage loss by an airline is inevitable. Your vacation will be significantly more disrupted than you might think.

Additionally, eschew the hardcover case and get a material zip-up bag. They are simpler to stow in the overhead compartment and attract less attention from security personnel watching out for travellers with excessive carry-on bags.

Book two one-way flights

Often, one-way tickets are less expensive than round-trip ones. Furthermore, you have a wider range of choices and flexibility when it comes to choosing your arrival and departure times. Try using websites like SkyScanner to obtain a complete and detailed list of flights and costs.

Visit extra cities for free

When all you want to do is arrive at your vacation location, lengthy layovers can be a hassle. They can, however, also be a fantastic chance to visit an extra city along the way. Try to extend your stopover flight if it is essential so you can leave the airport and explore a little bit. Not only do you receive a free bonus vacation spot, but it’s also an incredible way to move around after spending so much time in the air.

Avoid exchanging currency at the airport

The airport seems to have higher exchange rates than the city. Although exchanging at the airport may be more convenient, larger conversion fees are also involved. Isn’t it exciting that you could eat and spend more if you did some research on the top forex services available in the city? If you feel that this will consume too much of your time, try contacting your bank or a local currency service provider. At least you won’t be taken advantage of while still benefiting!

Keep a scanned copy of your passport in a digital pocket

Yes, your smartphone is one of the essential items you need on your journey. Furthermore, the loss or theft of your passport will halt your trip, making you feel like a bird without wings.

However, retaining a digital replica of your passport would spare you from transactions, buying your favourite items from the duty-free shop, and, more crucially, returning home. Additionally, this aids the authority in verifying the information on your missing passport and providing you with a new passport as soon as possible.

Keep a universal adapter

This is one of the most crucial travel tips, yet many overlook it. If you travel internationally, you need a universal adapter as switch points differ from Indian ones. Therefore, a universal adaptor is the cheapest and most practical purchase before travelling.

Pack a universal adaptor so you can charge your phone, laptop, or camera wherever you go to avoid any hassles. It can be quite expensive to purchase one of these at the airport, so acquire one before your trip to save money.

Download Google Maps

Google Maps serves as a digital road map to help you get where you’re going. Since you are going to a new place, the unfamiliar roads will inevitably cause you to get lost. But what if the Wi-Fi around you isn’t working, you’re running low on network resources, or you’re completely disconnected from the internet? Google Maps can be downloaded offline for such situations, and you must use this feature on all your tours. 

Avoid trips on ‘bottleneck days’ 

You can bet that many other folks will be travelling home for special occasions like Christmas or Thanksgiving. Avoid travelling on so-called “bottleneck days” to avoid the worst of the crowds. 

It can be a nightmare to navigate an airport or railway station during these precise days because this is when most people will be travelling. Avoid travelling at weekend following Thanksgiving, and do the same for any high travel season. As airline and lodging costs are usually lower than during the peak travel season, it’s often a wonderful time to start your travel.

Pack a mini first-aid kit

Depending on where you are going, packing a first aid bag may save you from experiencing discomfort. You’ll be prepared for any emergency if you pack some aspirin, Tylenol, cotton swabs, bandages, and antibiotic ointment in a clear plastic bag or sunglasses case. These necessities might be hard to find, so keeping a personal supply will make you feel better prepared.

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