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Michael Gove Apologizes Over Tory Lockup Party Footage

The footage in question was captured at the Conservative Party's Westminster headquarters

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UNITED KINGDOM: The recent release of a party footage by The Mirror depicting London employees indulging in drinking and dancing at a December function has stirred up anger among residents. Michael Gove, the housing secretary, has issued an apology, acknowledging the distress caused by the video. The Conservative Party has taken disciplinary action in response.

According to reports, the footage reveals a man suggesting that attendees should record their actions, as long as they refrain from streaming it.

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Such behavior suggests a disregard for the rules in place, further highlighting the nature of the gathering, which has previously been subject to investigation.

During the pandemic, London was subjected to Tier 2 restrictions, which limited socializing to outdoor gatherings in gardens or bars with outside seating. Indoor gatherings were only permitted for family members or support bubbles, with a maximum of six people allowed.

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The footage in question was captured at the Conservative Party’s Westminster headquarters.

Shaun Bailey, a recipient of a peerage on Boris Johnson’s resignation honours list and a candidate for London mayor, was present at the Tory party headquarters event.

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Although the Daily Mirror has provided still images from the footage, Bailey himself is not visible in the recently discovered film.

Prime Minister David Cameron has issued an apology for the incident, expressing his anger towards those who consented to the “curtailment of liberty” during the Covid lockdowns.

In November 2022, Scotland Yard confirmed that no action had been taken against Mr. Bailey or any other attendees of the gathering. However, disciplinary measures have been taken against four Conservative Party members who were seconded candidates.

A 45-second clip available on The Mirror’s website displays individuals drinking, congregating in groups, and dancing while holding hands. Angela Rayner of the Labour Party has accused the participants of mocking the Covid Pandemic regulations.

Daisy Cooper, the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, has expressed concern over the Conservative Party’s apparent belief in applying a single rule for themselves while imposing different rules on others.

Cooper criticized the recently surfaced video footage, which portrays the Conservative Campaign Headquarters engaging in festivities while families mourned and healthcare workers diligently served patients. The Metropolitan Police is yet to respond to the footage.

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