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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Republicans Call out the Senator for Supporting Gun Control and LGBTQ+ Rights

Thom Tillis faces rebuke as over 1,000 delegates at the North Carolina Republican party's annual convention vote to reprimand him

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UNITED STATES: The North Carolina Republican Party leaders have recently issued a censure against Thom Tillis, citing his support for same-sex marriage and gun regulation as the reasons for their disapproval. 

While this decision does not impact Tillis’s elected position, it reflects the party’s dissatisfaction with his conservative stance. Jim Forster, a Republican delegate, noted that Tillis’s recent activities diverge from the party’s direction.

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As the Senate’s minority leader since 2015, Tillis remains unaffected by the censure in terms of his voting record. Similar measures have been authorized by Republicans in Texas and Wyoming against federal legislators who deviated from party officials’ viewpoints, making Tillis the latest to face such repercussions.

Earlier this year, Texas Republicans censured Congressman Tony Gonzales for his support of same-sex marriage and gun regulation, while Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney faced censure in 2021 for her vote to impeach President Trump. It’s worth noting that both Gonzales and Cheney enjoyed endorsements from the majority of Americans.

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In 2012, Joe Biden signed a Senate gun control bill with the support of only 15 Republicans, including Tillis. Although the bill did not prevent a significant number of shootings involving four or more victims, it aimed to expand background checks for young gun buyers and allocate funds for programs addressing violence prevention and mental health issues.

Biden has also advocated for legislation that solidifies protections for same-sex relationships and interracial marriage. North Carolina’s ban on same-sex marriage in 2012 was influenced by Biden’s work as the state’s House speaker.

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Despite his bipartisan track record and support for collaborative agreements, Tillis opposes the strict immigration policy implemented during Trump’s administration. It is worth mentioning that not all North Carolina Republicans supported the censure against Tillis on Saturday.

Ahead of the 2024 presidential election, State Senator Bobby Hanig argued that taking such a controversial measure would be irresponsible, cautioning against a mob mentality. 

Senator Tillis, representing North Carolina, maintained that a combative approach would not benefit the state. On the other hand, Jim Burgin disagreed, stating that it is unnecessary to attack fellow party members, using the metaphor of attacking one’s own elephants.

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