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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Former Vice President Mike Pence Enters the Presidential Race

Pence has formally filed his papers to enter the Republican field of candidates for president

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UNITED STATES: Mike Pence, 63, will launch his campaign in Iowa with a video, speech, and town hall event. He will be competing with Donald Trump, the former president of US, who served for a duration from 2017 to 2021.

Polls show Trump is far in front of the competition, while Pence is typically positioned in third place with support in the low single digits.

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The former governor of Indiana and congressman, Mike Pence, is expected to present himself as a conservative continuation of the Trump administration’s conservative agenda.

He was Trump’s steadfastly devoted vice president, but the brawl among Trump fans in the US Capitol in January 2021 caused him to distance himself from his former employer.

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Mike Pence was criticized by many Trump supporters for refusing to revoke Joe Biden’s victory in Congress. He was seen as a traitor, and some rioters were heard shouting “Hang Mike Pence” as they stormed the corridors of Congress. The former vice president said that Trump had “endangered his family and everyone at the Capitol that day” by encouraging the riots.

Pence has been preparing for his candidacy for office for months and is counting on a strong showing in Iowa, where Ted Cruz narrowly defeated Donald Trump with the support of religious conservatives.

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Pence’s appeal to evangelical voters was credited with his success in the race for vice president. Tim Scott and Nikki Haley are two other contenders in the race who will have to compete for evangelical votes.

The Democratic National Committee has characterized Mike Pence as Donald Trump’s “Maga wingman” and warned that his candidature would push the Republican field to the extremes. 

Ron DeSantis is now polling in second place in the campaign and is widely seen as Trump’s main opponent. This week, additional candidates are expected to enter the race, including Chris Christie and Doug Burgum.

Growing worries exist that a big field may split the anti-Trump vote and award Trump the party’s nomination.

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