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Most Of The Advertising Will Be Done Digitally In The Future: Digital Marketing Guru Waseem Amrohi

In this interview, Waseem Amrohi shares nuggets of wisdom that will help your business thrive in the ever-changing advertising landscape

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INDIA. Digital marketing and advertising maven Waseem Amrohi is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the niche of the digital marketing industry. He is well known in the digital marketing realm as one of the brightest personalities around. Waseem is the answer to all of your digital marketing and advertising problems.

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In this interview, Waseem Amrohi shares nuggets of wisdom that will help your business thrive in the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.


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Q1. First of all, tell us how you started your journey? How did it all begin?

A.  I love reading and writing. It was pure serendipity that got me connected to the advertising world. It was a visit to cyber cafes and access to the internet back in 1998 that provided me with a sense of clarity in the digital world domain. Initially, I was preparing for my NDA exam and that was the reason for my frequent visits to a cyber cafe which eventually turned out to be a game-changer journey for me. I am inspired by advertising campaigns like Hamara Bajaj by Sir Alyque Padamsee. For me he is the one behind all my dedication and passion.

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I got a chance to work on the digital part of Tata Tea “Jago Re” in early stage of my career. I played a small part in that but it was a great platform for me.

Q2. You have spent all these years in the competitive field of advertising as the creative director and now the CEO of Advertising Studio. Could you please share, why you do what you do?

A.  This field of marketing and advertising never lets my mind languish in boredom. It truly enthralls me; no matter how much experience I earn, it always gives me countless opportunities to explore and hone my skills as there are diverse roles, different options to work upon. It lets me explore my creative side and spices up my life.

Q3. Why you came back to India, even though you were earning pretty well in AED Dubai.

A. For me learning is most important. I have worked on countless brands but that time I was keen exploring the movie marketing and entertainment industry as I am a creative person and love to expand my horizons. I don’t believe in dwelling on an activity solely for money. I consider my creativity my currency to create mind-boggling campaign ideas by helping the brands reach their highest level. I have been part of several acclaimed International movies along with some big banner Bollywood movies like Sultan, Pink, Neerja, M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story, Padman, Padmavati, Raid, Golmaal Again,etc. International movies managed by him include Logan, The Boss Baby, Baywatch, The Greatest Showman, and Kung Fu Panda 3, among others.

Q4. What inspires you to think and ink?

A. Soulful Interactions, spending time in solitude, networking, doing something exciting inspires me to think and ink intelligibly. I enjoy challenging my insights and to get in touch with that area of my mind that seeks creativity and solace.

Q5. How you can think differently for a bevy of brands?

A. It’s creating a UU (Unique Universe) for a brand to attract the consumers. A lot of thoughts cross my mind when I think about brand creation and brand positioning that identifies and differentiates a product from its competitors. To create a brand that is unique and holds its own position in the desired market, I first make sure to understand the competitive landscape and then move on to defining the brand strategy to find out relevant insights to illustrate the brand and its representation.

Q6. How did your advertising and marketing agency Inking Ideas come into existence?

A. It was only through an optimistic approach and diligent plan coupled with two decades of experience in the field that helped me in establishing an agency of my own. Inking ideas aims to build a thriving brand which is always my ultimate aim.

Q7. You have won countless prestigious awards like BBC National Marketing Award. How seriously do you take these awards?

A. Well, obviously, you know anybody will be elated to receive awards, but honestly I am not a person who measures success by receiving awards. It gives me a tremendous amount of encouragement to keep on getting better but I don’t let it define me.

Q8. What you think is the future of advertising?

A. I have hope that it will surely get more targetable and much more measurable in the coming future. The advertising metrics will become more sophisticated and it will target the audience with precision. Most of the advertising will be done digitally; I only see advertising growth in the coming years as the technology matures.


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