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Multi-business Woman Richa Chandra: ‘My Niche Is Starting’

'Positive entrepreneurship for me is to find the strength to move forward even when you only can see obstacles in your path,' believes Richa Chandra

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Divya Dhadd
Divya Dhadd

NORWAY: A first-generation Indian born and bred in Norway, Richa Chandra runs three different companies that resonate with her mission in life, ‘to connect and change people’s lives.’

Chandra has always believed that her roots and heart belong to both these nations. Nurtured with a beautiful blend of both cultures, she chose to keep it as a part of her identity. 

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With her hands on diverse businesses; business coaching, Indian culture and dance, and meditation, Chandra says, “The old, traditions and mythologies have always fascinated me because they teach us so much about ourselves. We can learn from our ancestors and build our knowledge on theirs. Would we try to invent the wheel or the light bulb again? Then why do we try to invent an old knowledge again? Why not use it to reinvent ourselves, and add to the collective higher consciousness?”

“I work primarily on the three energy levels: Physical, mental and emotional. When we meditate, also work with the inner power, intuition and spirits.”

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Richa always had an affinity for communication, problem-solving and learning new skills; so while she grasped the meaning of ethical business practices from her father; it was her mother from whom she picked up the interpersonal skills. It is these inherent values that have contributed into the making of the multi-business woman she today is.

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When Transcontinental Times asked about her inspiration to work for positive entrepreneurship, Chandra said: “After a hostile takeover in 2015, I started 3 businesses simultaneously. Coaching, Indian Dance academy and an accounting company. Just after 2 years, I sold my accounting company for a good profit. Straight after that people started to ask me for advice on how to start a company, branding and understanding their numbers. I was already running goal-setting workshops for companies and for private people, but to my services, I added business coaching. My niche is starting. I use a lot of meditation and visualization in my coaching.”

“The focus is always to find the clients strength, their drive and help them stay focused on their life’s mission.”

Chandra lives by her motto, ‘Your success is my success.’ 

Despite the immense challenges in her personal life as well as businesses, Chandra has always believed there is a lesson to learn from it all. She picked herself up, found new energy and kept succeeding in getting her goals.

Entrepreneurship in the coming years

“The trends for future entrepreneurship I would say is what we already are seeing; more globalization, more e-commerce and e-education. With the pandemic, people who already had an online presence did very well and will continue that path, but I think people will soon get back to personally connecting with people, face to face. Globalization is no longer only for big companies and cooperatives; it is for everyone now. The companies who have services and products that serve both local (with physical) presence, as well as global, will survive. One does not have to be a big or multi-layer company to be successful in the future, they just need to have a good presence and a trustworthy brand.”

Global issues and entrepreneurship 

“One of the global challenges that we are facing is degrading health conditions, as we see a growing number of people having diabetes, high blood pressure, suffering inflammation, and heart disease. There are a lot of amazing and talented people who are promoting healthy living, balancing Omega 3 oil supplements, and lifestyle changes. The promotion of lifestyle change is happening on a larger scale but it all starts with one person at a time.”

To the rising entrepreneurs

“For raising entrepreneurs, I would say that keep being true to your life mission. There will be a lot of tempting opportunities that will come your way and it is easy to lose sight of the very reason you started this exciting journey of entrepreneurship. There is always someone who has succeeded before you, so don’t be shy to seek them out and always have a mentor or a coach who can lead you, push you and be your eyes and ears of your reality,” advises Chandra.

“Success is defined differently and experienced differently from person to person. Be sure that you know what will make you feel successful.”

“Remember to celebrate all the small wins, because it is the small successes that will lead you to your ultimate goal.”


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