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My Hero Academia Adds SUPER BEAVER and Kiro Akiyama as Theme Song Artists

My Hero Academia's upcoming season will release on October 1, 2022

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JAPAN: My Hero Academia receives a new update ahead of the release of Season Six. The news about the opening theme song was revealed on the anime’s official social media accounts.

Season Six of My Hero Academia is gearing up for its release. Deku and the rest of the superhero team will be back for the sixth instalment on October 1, 2022. 

My Hero Academia’s official Twitter handle shared the update 

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The official Twitter handle of My Hero Academia unveiled the news about the opening theme song. According to the tweet, SUPER BEAVER will provide the music for the intro theme song, “Hitamuki.” Kiro Akiyama will compose the ending theme song, “SKETCH.” 

My Hero Academia is based on Kohei Horikoshi’s manga of the same name. Horikoshi wrote and illustrated the hit manga published by Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump, which has been an ongoing series since July 2014. Studio Bones created the anime adaptation in 2016. 

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The superhero anime series now includes a total of five seasons in its repertoire. The upcoming season will cover the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, one of the manga’s longest-running arcs. 

Where to watch My Hero Academia? 

All five seasons of My Hero Academia are available to stream on Crunchyroll. Season six will also debut on Crunchyroll outside of Asia. In India, the superhero anime series can be streamed on Netflix, and the upcoming season will most likely arrive on the streaming giant. 

Watch order and arcs covered in seasons are mentioned below:

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Season 1:  13 episodes (Entrance Exam Arc, Quirk Apprehension Test Arc, Battle Trail Arc, and U.S.J Arc)

Season 2: 25 episodes (U.A. Sports Festival Arc, Vs. Hero Killer Arc, and Final Exams Arc)

Season 3:  25 episodes (Forest Training Arc, Hideout Raid Arc, Provisional Hero License Arc, and beginning of Shie Hassaikai Arc)

Season 4: 25 episodes (Shie Hassaikai Arc, Remedial Arc, U.A School Arc, and beginning of Pro Hero Arc)

Season 5: 25 episodes (Pro Hero Arc, Joint Training Arc, Meta Liberation Arc, and Endeavour Agency Arc)

If you are a DC or Marvel buff, then you should definitely check out My Hero Academia. For superhero fans, it’s a highly recommended series.  

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