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Netflix Acquires Rights To British Novelist Roald Dahl’s Books

Netflix now has access to all his creations like ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the ‘BFG’

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Dhruv Chakraborty
Dhruv Chakraborty
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UNITED STATES: Netflix announced that it has acquired the rights of British novelist Roald Dahl’s books. The streaming giant made the announcement by revealing its name on a golden ticket hidden inside a Willy Wonka chocolate bar wrapper. The back of the ticket had the words “There is no knowing what we shall see” – a line from ‘James and the Giant Peach’.

Netflix now has access to all his creations like ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the ‘BFG’. Netflix will control everything related to the content. It will now have the authority to what happens to them in publishing as well as TV and film and receive the royalties.

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The deal means Netflix will own creations like ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and ‘The BFG’. It will also create numerous spin-off games, stage shows, and other life experiences.

The takeover means The Roald Dahl Story Company, which is run by the late author’s grandson Luke Kelly and was previously owned by the family and other employees, will now become a division of Netflix.

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In a joint statement, Kelly and Netflix boss Ted Sarandos said, “We are joining forces to bring some of the world’s most-loved stories to current and future fans in creative new ways”. The move builds on a deal between the streaming giant and the estate in 2018, allowing it to make animated series based on his books.

Nineteen TV shows, films, stage shows, and life experiences are already in the works. As per the reports, Academy award winner Taika Waititi is currently working on a series based on the world of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. Meanwhile, Sony and Working Title are adapting ‘Matilda The Musical’.

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“These projects opened our eyes to a much more ambitious venture – the creation of a unique universe across animated and live-action films and TV, publishing, games, immersive experiences, live theatre, consumer products, and more,” Kelly and Sarandos said.

Throughout the 1960s, 70s, and 80s Dahl became known for best-selling children’s books. Many of his books were turned into films. Dahl died at the age of 74 in 1990 and has sold 300 million books around the world. These books were printed in 65 languages.


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