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New Evidence Links Former Bolivian President To Underage Sex Scandal

Evo Morales has been identified as the father of a juvenile girl´s child

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BOLIVIA. La Paz. The office of the ministerio publico confirmed on Monday that former president Evo Morales is the father of a minor girl´s child. This was verified through an original birth certificate. According to attorney Paola Barriga, the victim was only 14 years old at the time of the illicit affair and gave birth to a child shortly after turning 15 years of age. The accuser is currently suing Morales for child support and rape.

To catch a sexual predator

After the overturned election last October, the deposed president fled the country to avoid being persecuted for several crimes that violated Bolivia´s laws while in office. According to the law, it´s automatically considered rape for anyone to engage in sex acts with a person under 15 years of age. However, it´s also illegal and considered immoral to engage in sexual activity with someone under the age of 18, which is known as a stupro.

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Bolivian attorney Paola Barriga has a reputation for bringing high profile and difficult to catch sexual predators to justice. In addition to the confirmed case of rape, eight more underage girls have come forward with documentation to join the lawsuit against Morales. Each of the additional accusers claims to have fathered a child by the disgraced former president.

The documentation submitted by the other litigants is being checked for authenticity, the results of which should be available within a week.

A potential admission of guilt

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This scandal comes in the wake of yet another young girl admitting she had what she called a “special friendship” for the past five years with Morales. Noemi Meneses has vehemently defended her relationship with the former president online amid leaked controversial photos of them together. Though Meneses is currently a legal adult, she openly bragged about having a relationship with Morales since she was 16 years old.

Noemi Meneses and her “special friend” Evo Morales. Photo credit: Noemi Meneses

To make matters worse, Morales didn´t deny having a relationship with Meneses. “I don´t agree with using partners in political issues,” the former president said in a revealing statement reported by El Deber.

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In recent weeks, it was discovered that Meneses was flown illegally to Argentina to be reunited with Morales in Buenos Aires via covert military transport. This action violates the COVID-19 quarantine laws of both countries.

A political party under fire

Morales was the leader of the Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS) party for the almost 15 years of his presidency. However, news of these recent scandals has put a serious tarnish on the party´s public image. President of the senate and MAS party member, Eva Copa, was quick to distance the party from the actions of their now defamed leader. “We will not put our hands in the fire for this. The law and justice must work as it was meant to,” Copa said in an official statement reported by Correo del Sur.

The delayed presidential election is currently set to take place on 18 Oct., which leaves the MAS scrambling to dig their party´s image out of a proverbial hole dug by the actions of Morales.

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