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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

New Study Brings Hope On RSA COVID-19 Variant

However, the study's findings are yet to be submitted to South Africa's scientific and medical community.

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Godfrey Maotcha
Godfrey Maotcha
Born and grew up in Blantyre Malawi. Worked for the Guardian ( local newspaper) and Montfort Media for six years. A print and online media house. Currently lives in Lilongwe Malawi

SOUTH AFRICA. Pretoria: A study in South Africa has shown that people infected with the country’s variant of the coronavirus have a better mutation of the new variant called 501Y

A study was conducted preliminarily by the country’s scientists but the study’s findings are yet to be submitted to South Africa’s scientific and medical community.

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South Africa’s Health Minister, Zweli Mkhize, said that the findings of the study could bring hope and progress towards the pandemic.

“It is good news to everyone”, said Mkhize, the man tasked to handle the pandemic in the southern African nation.

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According to the findings of the study, 4 Percent of 55 persons who are already infected with 501Y.V2 could not overcome infections with the original strain of the coronavirus.

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Antibodies generated by the South Africa variant were also effective against the Brazilian variant when seven patients were sampled.

Vaccination Against COVID-19

Vaccination against COVID-19 has been threatened by mutations, as some vaccines are not effective against new mutations.

South Africa itself had to abandon the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine for Johnson & Johnson.

This was after the vaccine could not effectively work against the new South African variant.

Some vaccine manufacturers have made modifications to suit the new variants.

In mid-March, Moderna, a US vaccine manufacturer will start a trial to determine the power of the vaccine against new variant

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