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New Stylebook Promotes Slow Fashion

Miss Kayce proposes a stylebook that supports a slow fashion while promoting a philosophy of always being chic

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George Buid
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PHILIPPINES. Quezon City: KC Leyco Mempin, or Miss Kayce, has been a wardrobe and personal stylist for 15 years. She has written a stylebook to address one of the most common issues in fashion: how people can get most from their closets without intimidating fashion jargon or a list of things that they should buy.

The release of Miss Kayce’s stylebook will help consumers who have suffered from economic losses during COVID-19 and for those who are not able to safely shop in public.

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Her years of experience materialize in the pages of the self-published project with Kath Eustaquio-Derla, her mentor.

Fashion stylist Miss Kayce in an event of Sustainable Fashion Fest / Photo Credit: George Buid

Starting with current wardrobe curtails need for shopping

Everyone encounters the dilemma of “nothing to wear” or “what to wear.” Yet, most people own five or more outfits in their closets. Miss Kayce’s stylebook simplifies fashion by promoting slow fashion.

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Miss Kayce said, “The book explains the reason that people experience this issue [of not knowing what to wear] and how to solve it. And, the solution is a simple philosophy I follow called the ABC or Always Be Chic.”

Always Be Chic invites people to see how their current wardrobe can fit their needs. She said, “People own enough clothes in their closets, but they think the clothes they own do not fit their needs or they cannot make them work. But, people can make them work.”

Slow fashion is a change in mindset

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This book helps people begin again, to slowly build a style that works for them. They choose the clothes they love and build from there.

The stylebook helps people appreciate the clothes they already have without needing to go shopping. She said, “A good way for people to express themselves is to dress up. It boosts confidence and gives people that energy that makes you feel better while also looking better.”

She added, “When you feel good, you can do awesome things. It helps build a mindset. Those who practice slow fashion do not have to buy and keep buying. They appreciate the clothes they own. And, the brand does not matter. People take care of themselves by dressing up and wear the clothes they love.“

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