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Orbit Future Academy CEO Wins ET Global Leader Award 2022 for Entrepreneurship and Edutech

Nalin Singh has held several leading positions in leading global corporations across Asia, Europe, and the US

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INDIA: Renowned author and CEO of Orbit Future Academy, Nalin K. Singh, was recently bestowed with the prestigious “ET Global Leader Award 2022 for Entrepreneurship and Edutech” by the Economic Times group of publications. Indian actress Dia Mirza presented the award to him.

Nalin Singh at the ET awards. Photo Credit: Transcontinental Times

Orbit Future Academy has been ranked among the top ten academies in the world.

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Singh, a leadership and life coach, is driven by a relentless passion for his work and an unwavering sense of rationality in his professional career.

From the heydays of being a CEO of a Fortune 500 company to the disgraced lows of experiencing bankruptcy in the film industry and then his eventual smash comeback as a successful entrepreneur, author, and life coach, he persevered.

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In a Facebook post, he penned a sentimental and somewhat nostalgic retrospective flashback to his growth in the Edutech sector.

His opening lines were, “In life, passion is overrated and purpose undervalued. Passion comes from the heart, but when you find a true purpose, it lights up your soul.”

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Singh’s advice reminds us that passion can never achieve tangible results without a steadfast purpose; both must be in unison to attain success in life.

He also wrote about his invitation from a childhood friend, Sachin Gopalan, and his partner, Ilham Akbar Habibie, to join them in the mission “to upskill Indonesians for Industry 4.0 and connect them to jobs.”

His post is a testament to the undying passion, mixed with vision and purpose, that pushed him forward to take a risk and involve himself in the Edutech industry while a raging pandemic threatened an uncertain future.

Singh expressed his gratitude to several members of the Orbit Future Academy.

Singh has held several leading positions in leading global corporations across Asia, Europe, and the US. His last corporate role was as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Additionally, he has dabbled in filmmaking and produced a dozen animated and live-action movies.

Singh’s success, relentless faith in his capacity, and the talent of those around him pose a great inspiration to budding entrepreneurs in the Indian market who are looking to launch their own IT academic companies.

Expanding this new, thriving industry will provide ample job opportunities and academic solutions to even the most marginalized communities in the country.

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