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India’s Best-Selling Collaborative Fiction Novelists Launch Their Second Book

The book released on 23 October and is now available on Amazon, Flipkart and Crossword

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Niloy Chattaraj
Niloy Chattaraj
COO of Transcontinental Times, A double gold medalist engineer who covers social issues, science, and Indian history.

INDIA. India’s first collaborative fiction writers have published their second fiction novel ‘Mooncircles – As the Night Unravelled’. The authors who have penned the book are-Nalin Singh and Sunil Girdhar along with their wives Aparna Singh and Bharti Girdhar. The Husbands-Wives duo had taken an endeavour to pen down their second book. Their first novel was ‘Triptease: Nothing Happens By Chance’ published by S&G Escapes in 2019.

Mooncircles – As the Night Unravelled

Mooncircles is the story of how the lead character deals with every obstacle and eventually becomes the world’s largest spiritual movement leader. The story revolves around the central character ‘Shreya’ who achieves her ambition of winning the world’s leading beauty pageant. Interestingly, the main character of the book is simultaneously been accused of murder.

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Mooncircles is the explosive story of love, passion, politics and betrayals which shape the lives of all the characters. Along with that, the book finally leads to events that are beyond their wildest expectations.

The work behind the gripping tale

This book is written by the foursome during the present pandemic duration. They all are working professionals with different backgrounds. But, for the passion of writing, they took out time from their busy schedule. Talking to Transcontinental Times, Nalin said, “We all communicated with each other online and discussed the plots and characters for this novel.”

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Interestingly, they wrote the entire book in less than two months. However, they had to edit and re-edit the book for six months. The result of their hard work is now a thrilling novel which tells a fascinating tale. The tale traverses five decades to culminate in a modern-day intense drama.

Sharing his experience in writing the book, Sunil said to Transcontinental Times, “We frequently argued and fought with each other for the characters and their plots in the novel, but we then agreed on the final plot. It was a great learning curve for all of us.”

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Aparna and Bharti, the real force behind this project, told Transcontinental Times, “We toiled hard for the book and since we all are from different academic fronts, agreeing for a common theme was difficult.”

At the end of the interview, the authors said they believe that the readers will appreciate and enjoy the book. They also added that the readers will be glued to the book till the end and won’t regret reading it. Similar to their previous novel, this book is also written on the historical time zone to give it a shade of reality. The book can be ordered on Amazon, Flipkart and crossword.


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