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Our Attitude Towards Beauty Is Directly Related To Our Mood: Masha Ekzo

With the fashion industry being one of the major contributors to environmental degradation, Masha Ekzo Wardrobe (MEW) is betting on solving this problem

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Divya Dhadd
Divya Dhadd

SPAIN: Masha Ekzo is a fashion designer from Moscow and for the last six years has been running her fashion brand Masha Ekzo Wardrobe (MEW) in Spain. Masha is now looking for inspiration in the Dominican Republic for a new collection.

“The exotic spirit of this island has a great effect on my mood and every day gives an explosion of new ideas which I gladly transfer to my sketches. In the new collection you will surely experience a tropical wave of flying dresses, an abundance of colors, and many many surprises,” said Masha.

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But what makes Masha stand out as a fashion designer apart from her dedicated passion and exemplary talent, is her social mission with regards to the fashion industry.

Social mission in the fashion world
Masha Ekzo Wardrobe complies to their mission that when a girl lacking financial amenities wishes to be a designer, she should have the same opportunity to be successful as any designer from Milan, Paris or London. Photo Credit: Masha Ekzo

“In my opinion, one of the biggest global problems of our world is low-quality clothing getting turned into the garbage that’s eroding the planet. Our concern as the rest of the multilateral organizations, states, and personalities like Leonardo DiCaprio is climate change. The fashion industry needs to commit to recycling and at the same time, high-quality clothing. At my company MEW, we aim to maximize the duration of all garments and their sustainability, with a well-studied price,” Masha told Transcontinental Times.

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Running along the same lines, Masha said, “Our reason for transcending our objective as a company. We are a company unswervingly linked to social development and all our products are committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) of the United Nations, especially with Climate Change and Water.”

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When asked about the mega-trends in the post-pandemic world, Masha pointed out on fashion catwalks in a hybrid format, will be more selective and not so massive. She thinks that now the designers have learned that it is not necessary for events to be as massive as they were before the pandemic.

“You are digital or you are not. Everything will be digitized and directed by emerging technologies that will direct all business processes,” Masha said.

“Finally, fashion with a conscience. The post-pandemic world will be a more exclusive world and concerned with social and environmental awareness. Post-pandemic fashion can and should be a vehicle for social inclusion and growth engine for local industry and special quality. Our association of young designers dedicates every day to empower young female talents from the world of fashion. If there is a potential artisan designer or model who feels that opportunities are closing on her, we will find a mechanism to help! It is important to have real heroes and heroines, young people who in addition to taking my creations around the world, produce inspiration and confidence in our people,” said the founder of MEW.

Reflecting back on what inspired her to be a fashion designer, Masha said, “Well, beauty! I have been always inspired and will be charged with special light and energy by the beauty and how it transforms our lives. Emotions of pleasure on the face of a woman wearing my clothes are also the main inspiration and gift for me that stimulates me to wake up with the idea of ​​carrying this mission into the world. This unreal sense of involvement in this process accumulates my power and multiplies my inspiration to create!”  

Lastly, speaking of her brand slogan, Masha quoted, “Beauty is a therapy and it can create a fairy tale in your life.” She added, “This is pure truth, you know! Our attitude to beauty is directly related to our mood and how we manifest ourselves in any situation how it supporting us.”


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