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‘Our Fight’ Organization Launches a Beach Cleaning Initiative to Fight Plastic Waste

During the 200-meter beach run, 100 kg of trash was collected in an hour

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SPAIN: The non-profit association ‘Our Fight’, founded by Alba Garcia, organised a macro-collection of plastics at La Patacona Beach (Alboraya) on September 24.

During the 200-meter beach run, 100 kg of trash with a variety of waste, especially plastic, were collected in an hour.

Photo Credit: Alex Fernandez @focus360
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Along with the Alboraya City Council, socially conscious businesses including Dulcesol, Velarte, Salsas Chovi, Heura, Atrium, Cache Croche, and CEU San Pablo engaged in the project to clean up the beach of plastic waste.

Garcia aimed to draw attention to the significant amount of trash that accumulates on our beaches and eventually makes its way to the ocean with this effort.

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Every year, 8 million tonnes of plastics reach our seas and oceans.

Plastic debris that ends up in the seas and oceans includes bottles, cutlery, bags, sticks, wrappers, and a long list of other items that can take hundreds of years to disintegrate. The marine fauna is consequently severely harmed.

Photo Credit: Alex Fernandez @focus360
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The organisation has found more than 170 microplastics (less than 5 mm) and, in total, almost 300 fragments of small plastics.

These plastics, although almost imperceptible, reach the sea, where the fish confuse them for food, and we run the risk of eating them when fishing for food.

In addition to cleaning, ‘Our Fight’ has previously been on Patacona Beach, giving an awareness talk about this problem and encouraging citizens to take measures to reduce their consumption of plastics.

The organisation has placed a stand of organic juices at the entrance to the beach courtesy of ‘Ecologicval‘ in favour of the cause made of reusable glass and encouraged volunteers to recycle their waste.

Additionally, some of the microplastics that have been gathered will be recycled in order to offer them a second chance at life and turn them back into valuable raw materials, advancing the idea of the circular economy in the context of sustainable fashion.

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