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Parliament Special Session: PM Modi Recalls Moments Associated with Parliament Building

The Special Session of Parliament started on Monday and is scheduled to run through Friday

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Sadaf Hasan
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INDIA: While addressing the Lok Sabha during a special parliamentary session on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reflected on his first time entering the Parliament premises. Describing it as a deeply emotional experience, the PM stated that he had humbly bowed his head before the Parliament building, saying that he didn’t ever imagine that one day he would become the highest job holder in the country.

Commencing the discussions on the ’75-year Parliamentary journey starting from the Samvidhan Sabha—achievements, experiences, memories, and lessons’ within the Lok Sabha, the Prime Minister also mentioned the Parliament shifting to a new building on Tuesday and stated that “bidding goodbye to this building is an emotional moment.”

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In his opening address, Prime Minister Modi stated that it was an emotional moment the first time he entered the Parliament as a member of parliament and bowed his head. According to the Prime Minister, the Indian democracy’s strength is that he had never dreamed a man who had lived all of his life on a train station would become the PM of the country.

Speaking of the Parliament building, Prime Minister Modi said that people shouldn’t forget that the hard work and money that went into constructing the new Parliament building were put in by Indians.

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The Prime Minister stated that the Parliament building evokes a lot of nostalgic, bitter-sweet memories.

“Bidding goodbye to this building is an emotional moment. Many bitter-sweet memories have been associated with it. We have all witnessed differences and disputes in Parliament, but at the same time, we have witnessed ‘Parivaar bhaav’,” said the PM.

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The Prime Minister reminisced about the contributions of those who dealt with the terrorist attack on the Parliament in 2001.

Modi stated that there was a terror attack on the Parliament but that it was not a building attack. He went on to say that it was an attack on the mother of democracy, on our living soul, and that the country will never forget that occurrence.

“I also bow before those who took bullets to their chest to protect the Parliament and all its members while fighting the terrorists,” said Modi.

PM Modi also made mention of the contributions of former Prime Ministers and recollected the words of India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, when India gained Independence.

“The echo of Pandit (Jawaharlal) Nehru’satt the stroke of midnight’ in this Parliament will continue to inspire us. And this is that very Parliament where Atal Ji said, ‘sarkaren ayyengi, jayengi; partiyan banegi, bigedgi; magar ye desh rahna chahiye’.”

‘Chandrayaan-3 Mission’s success highlights a new form of India’s strength’

Speaking about the Chandrayaan-3 mission’s success, Prime Minister Modi stated that the noteworthy accomplishment has brought attention to a new aspect of India’s strength, one that is tied to science, technology, our scientists’ potential, and the resilience of our people.

PM Modi went on to say that today, the accomplishments of all Indians are being highlighted globally. He stated that this is the result of all Indians’ combined efforts over the course of the Parliament’s 75-year history. PM further noted that the success of Chandrayaan-3 has made India and the rest of the world proud.

According to PM Modi, this has emphasised a new kind of India’s power, which is linked to technology, science, the potential of Indian scientists, and the strength of the country’s 140 crore people.

“Today, I again want to congratulate our scientists,” he further added.

‘G20 Summit was a success because of India’s 1.4 billion citizens’

The Prime Minister discussed the achievements of the G20 Summit, which took place in the national capital earlier this month, and the inclusion of the African Union as a full member of the forum.

PM Modi stated that India will be honoured that the African Union became a member of the G20 when India was president. PM went on to say that he will never forget the emotional moment when the announcement was made.

“African Union President said that perhaps he would break down while speaking,” said the PM.

“You can imagine the fortune India had to fulfil such huge hopes and expectations…It is India’s strength that it (unanimous Declaration) became possible,” the PM added.

The Prime Minister also mentioned the upcoming P20 summit and assured Speaker Om Birla that the government would provide its complete support to it. “Under your chairmanship, the P20—Summit of G20 Parliament Speakers—you announced will have our full support,” Modi stated.

Attributing the triumph of the G20 Summit to India’s 1.4 billion citizens, PM Modi said that it was a matter of celebration and pride. The PM stated that the success of the G20 belongs to every citizen in the country.

“Today, you have unanimously appreciated the success of G20… I express my gratitude to you. G20’s success is that of 140 crore citizens of the country. It is India’s success, not that of an individual or a party… It is a matter for all of us to celebrate,” Modi continued.

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