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Peter Windsor: Norris Must Consider Future Move to Alpine Rather Than Red Bull

Windsor pointed out problems with Norris' driving hampering his progress as a driver

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
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UNITED KINGDOM: In a recent turn of events, Lando Norris, the young and talented Formula 1 driver currently racing for McLaren, has sparked speculation about his future in the sport.

While the British driver has expressed interest in joining Red Bull, renowned motorsport figure Peter Windsor has cautioned him against becoming Max Verstappen’s wingman.

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Instead, Windsor suggests a potential switch to Alpine when Norris’s contract with McLaren expires after the 2025 season.

Despite having two more seasons left on his current contract, Norris has faced disappointing performances from McLaren, leading to rumours about his potential departure.

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Following a difficult race in Spain, where he dropped from third on the grid to 17th at the finish line, Norris openly expressed his frustration, stating that the expectation was “almost to not finish in the points at the minute.”

Peter Windsor, former team manager for Ferrari and Williams, shared his perspective on Norris moving to Red Bull in the future.

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Given Verstappen’s dominance over his previous teammates, Windsor believes Norris would risk becoming a “really good number two” driver.

However, he sees a more likely scenario in Norris joining Alpine, despite their rivalry with McLaren for fifth place in the current season’s standings.

Windsor mentioned Alpine’s promising performance and the significant support behind the team as reasons for considering them as a potential destination for Norris.

While the prospect of driving for Red Bull may initially be appealing, the challenges of competing against Verstappen could potentially overshadow the excitement of being in a top-tier car.

Regardless of Norris’s final decision, Windsor also highlighted an area for improvement for the young driver.

He believes Norris’s corners are too “long,” leading to lap time losses. Windsor suggests that Norris needs to adopt a different trajectory and work on rotation points to develop his driving style. He expressed his surprise that McLaren has not addressed this issue with Norris.

The future of Lando Norris in Formula 1 with McLaren remains uncertain, but it is evident that his talent and potential have caught the attention of the motorsport world.

Whether he stays with McLaren, moves to Alpine, or even joins Red Bull, Norris’s journey will undoubtedly be one to watch as he navigates the challenges and opportunities ahead in his career.

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