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Philanthropist Jasmina Siderovski Making A Global Impact Through Advocacy

Siderovski has partnered with the United Nations Action Campaign #Act4SDGs through eYs Magazine Pty Ltd initiative, ‘Raise Your Voice for our Planet'

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Ishita Chakraborty
Ishita Chakraborty
A computer engineer who has a passion for writing, a hodophile, social activist, youth activist for PETA India, and a linguaphile. A journalist covering Social issues & United Nations initiatives for transcontinental times.

AUSTRALIA: Jasmina Siderovski is a philanthropist, author, and advocate for world peace, conflict resolution, human rights, women empowerment, youth development among others. Along with this, Siderovski is an active United Nations International Volunteer. She is also an active member of some of the world’s profitable organizations.

Work accomplishments

Siderovski has partnered with the United Nations Action Campaign #Act4SDGs through eYs Magazine Pty Ltd initiative, ‘Raise Your Voice for our Planet.’ It is an approach that signals active organizations who create positive global impact through the 17 SDGs and powerful media. A first of its kind that empowers individuals, groups, and organizations to prosper and grow while committed to their purpose and people-centered ethos and reinvesting back into the community.

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She is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of eYs Magazine Pty Ltd – the world’s leading humanitarian editorial with just under one million readers. Siderovski founded eYs Foundation Ltd as the helm for humanitarians, philanthropists, writers, and change-makers globally and to assist the homeless, children and women, and vulnerable communities. Based in Sydney, Australia in the newly constructed Barangaroo International Towers, Siderovski plans to expand its offices internationally in New York, Rome, and London.

Her determination to bring a change

Siderovski’s quest for global change toward the 17 SDGs is recognized through an accolade of awards through her humanitarian efforts and plight to bring community awareness and support for vulnerable communities. She is also an International Gold Medal Award-Winning Author in Philosophy and a multi-genre author of three published books and two anthologies.

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Siderovski’s inspiration for positive journalism stems from her philanthropic contributions and outreach in leadership, supporting communities of diverse, inclusive, and hardworking change-makers.

Talking about this, Siderovski said, “I spent most of my time searching for the real heroes who shape our world, support the communities in need, alleviate poverty, combat violence, political upheaval, and care about the general wellbeing of our world. It is these individuals, groups, and organizations who inspire me to invest in the eYs brand and the world of journalism and media and create a community filled with love and honor. They give me the drive to wake up every morning and chase the stories that inspire a light for all the sadness in our world.”

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Siderovski’s focus as a humanitarian is to empower corporations to work collectively toward a global mission for a sustainable world and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals toward 2030.

“It’s the big picture, knowing that we all have a responsibility for a safer and prosperous society. My primary purpose is to inspire, inform, and connect people around the world empowered to do meaningful work, create an opportunity to network and engage Not-for-Profit organizations to unite under the one roof through our publishing firm for positive journalism and change,” she added.

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Importance of journalism in solving global issues

The role of media is to ensure that the people are aware of the social, economic, political developments taking place around them. Siderovski believes that media play a crucial role in informing the public about issues of interest and binds the right to universal access to information through the right to freedom of the press.

“Universal access to information means that everyone has the human right to seek, receive, and impart information. This right is an integral part of the right to freedom of expression,” she said.

“The field of journalism is transforming. News organizations are now using online technology to deliver the benefits of the Internet. The world is currently experiencing extraordinary media expansion, with intense competition between players in the industry. Technology may shape the future of journalism, but it won’t replace the need for qualified reporters,” Siderovski added.

To combat the difficulties that stem from corruption, isolated resources, and different perspectives in the industry, Siderovski has joined forces with several global figures. Her drive for justice and human rights are an integral part of the truth, trust, and positive journalism to deliver the issues that are currently a great learning curve for any aspiring journalists.

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