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Unidentified Gunmen Kill Religious Scholar And School Principal In Afghanistan

The attack was confirmed by the police who added that the principal's son was also wounded in the attack

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Omid Sobhani
Omid Sobhani
Omid Sobhani is a senior journalist at Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the Transcontinental Times.

AFGHANISTAN. Parwan: Unidentified gunmen gunned down Mawlawi Saifullah Safi, head of religious scholars council and the principal of Habib-ur-Rahman Shaheed School in Jabal Siraj district of Parwan province of Afghanistan this morning. The attack was confirmed by the police who added that the principal’s son was also wounded in the attack. 

“The incident happened this morning when he was going to the school with his son,” said district governor Ahmad Lemar Osman Yar

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“Mawlawi Saidullah was shot dead by unknown gunmen at the door of Saiful Rahman Shaheed school,” he said. 

No group, including the Taliban, has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. 

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According to officials at the province, the targeted killings of well-known people has surged in the province in recent months that concerned the citizens. 

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The campaign of targeted killings increased shortly after the start of peace talks in Doha. Many students, teachers, religious scholars, civil activists, judges, doctors, and journalists have been killed by magnetic bombs, unknown gunmen attacks, or car bomb blasts so far. 

Scores of families are facing a shortage of shelter, access to health services, education and other facilities for a normal life.

Afghanistan has seen a spike in the incidents of violence in recent weeks, leading to casualties of Afghan security forces and civilians. US withdrawal is underway and set to complete by September 11.

In a recent incident in the west of Kabul Dasht Barchi, a car bomb blast killed nearly 95 students, mostly girls.

With no progress in peace talks between the Afghan government and Taliban, the violence in Afghanistan is surging. The UN-Led peace conference which was delayed after Eid has been stalled due to unclear reasons. 

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