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Philippines’ President to Inspect Storm Damage as Death Toll Rises to 98

Submerged villages near Manila will be the main focus of the aerial inspection

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Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan
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PHILIPPINES: Tropical Storm Nalgae, one of the most destructive storms, battered the Philippines over the weekend and killed at least 98 people, stated the national disaster agency on Monday, as more bodies are being recovered.

Philippines’ President will fly over the affected areas

On Monday, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. will fly over the impacted districts. Submerged villages near Manila will be the main focus of the aerial inspection. The storm, which on Friday damaged settlements on the southern island of Mindanao, caused a string of flash floods and landslides that killed just over half the people.

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Mindanao is rarely hit by the 20 or so typhoons that knock the Philippines every year, but when they do, the storms there are typically deadlier than those that hit Luzon and the country’s center.

Naguib Sinarimbo, the civil defence chief of the Bangsamoro area of Mindanao, stated that “we have shifted our operation from search and rescue to retrieval because the chances of survival after two days are almost nil.”

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More than half of the reported fatalities, as stated by the nation’s disaster agency, came from Bangsamoro. As of right now, the area has recorded 53 fatalities and 22 missing. Across the nation, 63 people have so far been listed as missing, and 69 people have reported being hurt in the incident, the news agency further added.

The cost of the damage brought on by the tropical storm in the Southeast Asian nation was estimated to be close to 757.84 million pesos ($13.7 million).The storm Nalgae, which has made landfall in the Philippines five times, is predicted to leave the country on Monday (October 31) and head towards China.

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The Southeast Asian nation experiences 20 typhoons a year, along with regular landslides and floods. Megi, a recent storm that hit the nation, killed close to 130 people.

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