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PM Modi at ‘No Money for Terror’: Countries that Encourage Terrorism Must be Charged

The 'No Money for Terror' conference will last two days, respectively November 18 and 19

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INDIA: Today in New Delhi, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will host an international ministerial summit on countering terrorism financing.

During the speech, PM Modi on the concerned topic of ‘No Money for Terror’ said, “As a component of their foreign strategy, some nations encourage terrorism. They support them financially, politically, and ideologically. There must be a cost imposed on such nations.”

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According to the PM, the organisations and persons that lies in their hand of sympathy for terrorists must also be isolated, because many countries faced major setbacks due to terror attacks. One country that faced the most of it is India, however, it has always fought back bravely.

PM Modi put stress into his words, “We believe that even one attack is too many. Even one lost life is one too many. As a result, we will not rest until terrorism is eradicated.”

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PM Modi stated, “Uprooting terrorism requires a wider, proactive, systemic reaction. If we want our residents to be safe, we cannot wait till terror comes to our homes. We must pursue terrorists, disrupt their support networks, and target their financial resources.”

The important conference will last two days, respectively November 18 and 19. It will give participating countries and organisations a distinctive forum for discussing counterterrorism financing, exchanging information, and convening needed to stop upcoming challenges.

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Almost 450 delegates from across the world have joined the meeting, including various veteran ministers, heads of multilateral organizations and Financial Action Task Force (FATF) heads of delegations. According to information, Home Minister Amit Shah is scheduled to speak at concluding session of the conference on Saturday.

As per the statement of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), “The conference will build on successes and lessons learned from the previous two conferences (held in Paris in April 2018 and Melbourne in November 2019) and work towards increasing global collaboration to deny terrorists access to financing and permissive jurisdictions for their operations.”

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