Police Brutality Protests Intensify In Nigeria

Nigeria's anti-police brutality protests block major roads in Lagos

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Ishita Chakraborty
Ishita Chakraborty
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NIGERIA. Following weeks of outcry online over years of recurring police brutality, Nigerians are continuously protesting against Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). The protestors are fending off attacks from gangs, warnings from the Nigerian military, and a government order to stop the protests.

Meanwhile, in Lagos, protestors blocked the road to the international airport. The Lagos-Ibadan highway, one of Nigeria’s busiest, was also blocked by the protestors. In Abuja, the protestors dedicated a complete day to the citizens killed by SARS. According to a human right group, SARS is responsible for killing and torturing many people in Nigeria.

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The protests against SARS erupted last week after a video showing a man getting beaten by a police unit was shared online. In response to the protests, the Nigerian government has promised to disband the SARS unit.

The Nigerian police have been accused of using excessive force against the protestors. In the past week, around 10 people were killed and hundreds of them were injured due to police brutality.

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However, the Nigerians are continuing their protests as they want an end to all kind of police brutality. Several gangs armed with guns, knives and clubs attacked the peaceful protestors in recent days.

Meanwhile, Nigeria’s military issued a warning against “subversive elements and troublemakers saying that the army would “maintain law and order, and deal with any situation decisively.”

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Authorities in Abuja have called for an end to all the protests in the city. They believe that gatherings can spread COVID-19 among people. However, the protestors have ignored the order and are continuing with their protests.

The #EndSARS campaign has attracted worldwide support. Many celebrities and organizations from all parts of the world are supporting Nigerian people.

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