Power Couple Builds “Off-The-Grid” Life In Kerala

The inspiration for this mud home is taken from the tribal sections of Kerala

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Priya sharma
Priya sharma
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India. Kannur, Kerala. Hari and Asha have decided to build their dream home in the middle of forest. Hari is an employee at the local water authority in Kannur, and Asha is associated with a society that upholds farmers for natural farming. Both of them love nature very much and this affection is clearly visible in their lifestyle.

Being environmentalists, both have completely shunned the idea of living in a city. With the help of their architect friend, they made their dream home located in Kannur. The inspiration for this mud home is taken from the tribal sections of Kerala.

Hari & Asha. Photo Credit: Deccan chronicle
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Modern convenience with an eye toward the environment. Their focus on simple sustainability doesn’t compromise on basic amenities, equipped with a television, fan, computer, and other electrical devices. However, the couple only uses about 4 units of electricity in a month as solar panels and biogas units are mounted to their house.   

The mud walls contribute to the energy efficiency of the home. During the day, the walls allow the warmth of the sun to enter the house. By the time the air inside the house is warmer than the temperature, the house is warm until 11 pm. After this, the air starts to cool.

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The couple removed their refrigerator, and instead placed a clay pot covered in sand from all sides keep food cool for a week.

According to Hari and Asha, “Living a natural life is vital for a healthy life which has also greatly benefited our health.” The couple has “not needed a single medicine for the last 17 years. Because of nutritious food and not disturbing the natural nature of the body, we are left from any serious disease.”

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Not everyone can create their home in the forest, but from Hari and Asha’s lifestyle we can learn two lessons: first, we can choose a lifestyle that runs in harmony with nature and second to keep our own lives simple and balanced.

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