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President Zelenskiy Makes His First Visit to UK Since Start of the War, Meets Sunak

This visit marks Zelenskiy's second overseas trip since the war began in Ukraine last February

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Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan
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UNITED KINGDOM: Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the president of Ukraine, has landed in the UK for his first visit since Russia invaded Ukraine last year. The president’s visit comes amid worries that Russia is preparing a significant fresh attack to coincide with the first anniversary of the battle.

President Zelenskiy meets UK PM Sunak

The visit marks his second overseas trip since the war began in Ukraine last February and comes after he visited the United States in December last year. Zelenskiy met PM Rishi Sunak at Stansted airport, and both political leaders shared a warm embrace before heading to Downing Street.

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The news coincides with the expansion of British training of Ukrainian military forces to include fighter jet pilots and marines. Additionally, the UK has disclosed a new round of sanctions targeted at Russia.

Shortly After touching down in the UK, Zelenskiy shared a photo with Sunak on his Instagram handle. In the caption he sated that one of the first to help Ukraine was the United Kingdom.

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He further mentioned in the caption that he is in London right now to express his gratitude to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for his leadership and to the British people for their support.

As the Ukrainian President entered No. 10 over a red carpet set up in Downing Street, he was greeted with cheers. Zelenskiy said he was “honoured” as he met Suank, hailing Britain’s “big support” for Ukraine.

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After meeting with Sunak in Downing Street to discuss arm provisions and a new training programme for jet fighter pilots, the Ukrainian president will meet King Charles today.

Speaking to the parliament after meeting with Zelensky, the prime minister, Sunak said that the UK must guarantee a “decisive military victory” for Ukraine.

Suank had earlier declared that Britain would train Ukrainian fighter pilots to fly NATO jets, indicating a potential willingness on the part of the UK to reverse its opposition to providing Kiev with aircraft.

In a speech to parliament, Zelenskiy expressed his gratitude to Britain “in advance for powerful English planes,” which he has frequently requested in an effort to gain an advantage over Russia in the skies. “Freedom will win; we know Russia will lose,” Zelenskiy said.

Zelenskiy’s visit to the UK comes before a widely rumoured trip to Brussels. He is expected to address the European Parliament on Thursday before attending a session of EU leaders. Earlier this week, the news was leaked, evoking concerns that the trip would be cancelled due to security concerns.

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