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Prince Andrew Won’t Benefit from Reviving the Virginia Giuffre Arrangement

Ex-royal aide said that the King would still keep Duke of York at arm’s length as Charles prepares for coronation

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UNITED KINGDOM: A former top royal assistant has warned Prince Andrew that his attempts to undo an out-of-court settlement with a woman with whom he is accused of having sex when she was a teenager are unlikely to help him rebuild his reputation in the royal family.

Alan Dershowitz, an American attorney whom Virginia Giuffre had previously accused of sexual abuse, advised the Duke of York to contest his court settlement with her over the weekend.

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Jeffrey Epstein, a former senior courtier, said that King Charles is still likely to keep his brother away from the working royals because of his long-term relationship with a wealthy businessman and convicted sex offender.

There are indications that a drive to rehabilitate Andrew is gaining momentum, which could cause the king some trouble as he gets ready for his coronation on May 6.

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Andrew settled Giuffre’s claim that she was trafficked to have sex with him three times when she was 17 years old by paying millions of dollars a year ago. There was no admission of guilt in the settlement.

This past weekend, a fake photo was put out to try to disprove Giuffre’s claim that Prince Andrew slept with her.

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There are also rumours that additional US attorneys are prepared to assist Prince Andrew in opposing a court decision that has banished him to the realm. According to reports, the duke has spoken with US attorneys Andrew Brettler and Blair Berk about potential legal actions that would help his rehabilitation.

Ian Maxwell revealed the mock-up image to the Daily Telegraph, claiming he hadn’t spoken to Prince Andrew about it but had presented it as a possible exhibit if it would aid his case.

Andrew still resides in the Royal Lodge in Windsor, which he rents from the crown estate. Charles had been planning for a smaller monarchy with fewer important people even before Andrew talked with Giuffre.

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