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Protests Erupt Across Afghanistan After French Prime Minister’s Condemnation Of Islamic Linked Beheadings In France

Muslims across Afghanistan call for cutting ties with France

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Omid Sobhani
Omid Sobhani
Omid Sobhani is a senior journalist at Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the Transcontinental Times.

AFGHANISTAN. Herat. Rallies held in Herat, Kabul, Takhar, and Kunduz city against Emmanuel Macron erupt today in response to the French Prime Minister’s condemnation of radical Islam in the wake of the recent attacks on French citizens, including two beheadings.

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A huge crowd in the center of Herat launched the protest, holding posters and shouting “Our life, our wealth, for the prophet”. Macrons’s statements sparked anger within Muslim communities throughout Afghanistan, especially in the very conservative city of Herat.

Photo Credit: Omid Sobhani

Mawlawee Khodadad, head of Ulema council in the west zone of Afghanistan, told the crowd,” Today you have reiterated your promise with the prophet Muhammad, and showed to the enemies of Islam, particularly to France and the French people, that the Prophet Muhammad is not alone.”

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“You showed to the enemies of Islam and Afghanistan that we will defend our prophet as our ancestors did.”

Burning the French flag

The protest was organized by clerics and youth, some coming from remote areas by foot to attend. They chanted “Down with France”, and burned the French flag along with Macron’s image. Social media campaigns launched recently to boycott French products.

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“If [the] French president continues his comments on our prophet, the sons of Omar and Abubakr will fight him with their swords,” Haji Abdul Rashid Erfan Hakimi, a cleric from Herat, said. “We gathered here in [condolence] with our French Muslims brothers and sisters,” he said.

“The motive behind assault by French president is because the Islamism is increasing in France”

“We proved to the world that war and misery, can’t hold us back from defending our prophet and our religion,” Saleh, a protester said.

“Cut ties with France”

The clerics asked the government through a resolution of 7 articles they read in public, to cut its diplomatic ties with France and to boycott all French products.

Meanwhile, former Afghan warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, in a ceremony in Kabul on Friday, asked the Afghan government to cut its diplomatic ties with France and summon the French ambassador.

French troops serving along with other NATO members in the resolute support mission in Afghanistan, assist, train, and advise the Afghan forces to combat the Taliban and other anti-government groups.


  • Omid Sobhani

    Omid Sobhani is a senior journalist at Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the Transcontinental Times.

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