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Putin Says World Confronts ‘Most Dangerous’ Decade Since WW2

Putin condemned the West and its “dangerous and dirty game” of denying countries their sovereignty

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RUSSIA: Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that the world faces “probably the most dangerous” decade since the end of the Second World War.

In an extensive and thorough speech on Thursday, the Russian leader sought to justify his intentions and reasons behind the invasion, or as he has termed it, the “special military operation” launched in Ukraine on February 24 this year.

By invading his neighbor, with whom he has several territorial treaties and pacts, he has alienated himself and his country from the international stage, as most countries across the globe have relinquished any solidarity with his nation.

Putin also accused the West of perpetuating nuclear threats and blackmailing Russia in order to force allies to turn away from Moscow.

The West has condemned recent veiled threats made by the Kremlin.

Earlier this week, the NATO military alliance, after careful investigation, denounced unsupported Russian claims about Ukraine’s possession or possible usage of a “dirty bomb”—conventional explosives lined with radioactive material.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg then said that alliance members “reject this allegation” made by Russia and “Russia must not use it as a pretext for escalation”.

Putin’s Thursday speech was made at the annual Valdai forum after a series of recent military setbacks in Ukraine and growing unrest at home over his plan for a partial military mobilisation of 300,000 Russian men to fight on the battlefronts.

A day prior to his address in Moscow, he had been in attendance at nuclear exercises being conducted to test their supposed nuclear strike range in retaliation for an enemy’s massive nuclear offensive.

“We’ve never proactively said anything about Russia’s possible use of nuclear weapons. “We’ve only responded with hints to comments voiced by the leaders of Western countries,” he told his audience.

Moreover, President Putin zeroed in on former British PM Liz Truss, who had publicly expressed concerns about Moscow’s plans to unleash their nuclear arsenal and even commented that she would be ready to press the nuclear button, if need be.

President Putin said Truss’s comment had received no backlash then, not even from her own allies. “What were we supposed to do? Keep silent “Pretend that we didn’t hear it?” he added.

Moscow has repeatedly warned of using tactical nuclear weapons to protect territorial sovereignty and to fend off attacks from the West threatening Russia. He has said that he would use “all available means” to protect himself in what has been perceived as a clear nuclear threat.

Meanwhile, U.S. President Joe Biden has called out the Russian leader for engaging in serious and “very dangerous” rhetoric surrounding the potential use of nukes and arms that could affect the entirety of Europe and the world at large.

“Why is he talking about the ability to use a tactical nuclear weapon?” During an interview with US media, Biden inquired. “If he has no intention, why does he keep talking about it?”

President Putin reiterated his recent attacks on the West, condemning its “dangerous, bloody and dirty game” of being hypocritical and denying countries their rightful sovereignty while advocating peace and independence.

He emphasised that the West’s “undivided dominance” over global affairs and politics is finally coming to an end.

“We’re at a historical frontier. “Ahead is probably the most dangerous, unpredictable, and, at the same time, most important decade since the end of World War Two.”

The West could see its powers and hold over other countries waning slowly, but is “desperately trying” to hold on to that authority.

Putin has the vision of a new “future world order” being formed and said the West will no longer stand at the top of that order in the future. No evidence could substantiate Putin’s numerous claims.

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