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Rouble Nagi Changes Lives Through Art For A Living

A member of the India Design Council (IDC), Rouble Nagi is also one of the pioneers to start Mumbai beautification with 'Art Installations' around the city

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Divya Dhadd
Divya Dhadd

INDIA: Rouble Nagi is the founder of Rouble Nagi Art Foundation & Rouble Nagi Design Studio. Among her many achievements, she is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed artist with over 800 murals to her credit and over 150 exhibitions worldwide. 

Rouble Nagi Art Foundation (RNAF) is a not-for-profit organization set up with the vision to make sure that all children get an education that helps them become caring, responsible, and productive citizens. As a concrete step towards realizing this vision, RNAF has various programmes which aim at providing quality education for underprivileged children by introducing low cost and sustainable educational models. 

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“I started my career as a mural and sculpture artist around 18 yrs ago, my commissioned art projects are over 800 starting from Taj Group of Hotels, Hyatt Regency and Country Inn by Carlson amongst many other. As an artist, I always felt that art should be used as a catalyst for positive social change in our surroundings. I started by NGO Rouble Nagi Art Foundation ten years ago to empower women and youth through art and skill training and to see every child in school and learning well,” Nagi told Transcontinental Times.

Her latest initiative Misaal Mumbai is the first slum transformation initiative in India via art. The main aim is to connect to people through art, bring a positive change in their mindset — education through art about the importance of children’s education, empowering women, creating job opportunities for youth, sanitation, and waste management in slums and villages. 

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“We have painted and repaired more than 1,50,000 plus homes to date and are currently working in over 163 slums and villages across India,” said Nagi.

“My inspiration has always been life, my experiences with children in slums and villages makes me want to keep working towards a better life for them.”

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Solving global issues with social entrepreneurship

Nagi thinks that one of the major issues we face globally is poverty, “creating entrepreneurs through skill and vocational training and empowering them by creating digital platforms will help solve this problem. We have already done this through our programme Misaal India, We can significantly create a high impact in this area and help empower the people financially.”

“Youth today is more aware of the environment and are responsible, they want to contribute to their communities by helping them in any possible way. Social entrepreneurship has contributed significantly over the last few years, giving employment to many. In the coming few years we can expect a whole lot of new innovations and ventures by young entrepreneurs who will help address the issue of unemployment and poverty.”

Penning some wisdom

“The most distinguishable feature of a non-profit organization is rooted in its title: it does not work for profits. To the young entrepreneurs, I would like to say — try and think like a social worker and act as an entrepreneur, you need to empower the poor and at the same time generate profit for your self sustaining business model.”


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