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RPF Constable Opens Fire in Jaipur-Mumbai Train, Resulting in Deaths of ASI and Three Passengers

The disturbing event occurred near the Palghar district during the train journey

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INDIA: In a shocking incident, a Railway Protection Force (RPF) constable was involved in a fatal shooting onboard the Jaipur-Mumbai Superfast Express (Train No. 12956), which led to the deaths of an Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) and three other passengers. The disturbing event occurred near the Palghar district during the train journey.

According to sources, the accused responsible for the shooting has been identified as Chetan Kumar Choudhary, who was on escort duty during the incident. Tragically, after targeting the ASI, the constable proceeded to another bogie and shot dead three more passengers. The incident took place in the B5 coach of the train at 5.23 am.

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Following the shooting, Choudhary was apprehended by the Government Railway Police and RPF officials. The authorities promptly responded to the situation. A statement from officials confirmed the unfortunate casualties of both the ASI and three civilians in addition to him. The deceased were taken out of the train at Borivali railway station.

The Western Railway spokesperson conveyed the regrettable nature of the incident. The accused constable initially held passengers at gunpoint after shooting the ASI before eventually getting down near Dahisar. However, he was apprehended by the RPF/Bhayandar along with the weapon.

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Presently, the motive behind the shooting remains undisclosed. The accused, Chetan Kumar Choudhary, is currently in the custody of the Mira Road railway police. Further details about the incident are being investigated. DRM Neeraj Kumar assured that the families of the victims would receive ex-gratia compensation of approximately Rs 5.5 lakh.

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