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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Russia’s Missile Strikes on Ukraine Space Plant in Dnipro, Kills Three

About 15 people were injured and nearby residential buildings were damaged

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Dhruv Chakraborty
Dhruv Chakraborty
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UKRAINE: According to local authorities, three persons were killed in Dnipro, a city in central Ukraine, after Russian long-range cruise missiles struck a space rocket factory and a neighbouring street.

About 15 people were injured and nearby residential buildings were damaged.

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The Yuzhmash facility in Dnipro also manufactures satellites, one of which was put into orbit by Elon Musk’s SpaceX business.

A regional official reported that two more people perished after dozens of Russian missiles were fired at Nikopol, south of Dnipro.

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Three persons were killed by Russian missiles that struck homes in Chuhuiv, a town close to Kharkiv, in the north overnight, according to the governor of Kharkiv.

Attacks from the air, which frequently target cities, have increased as Russia’s ground offensive in the east has slowed down.

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Following the incident this morning, a gruesome photo from Dnipro showed a man lying face down with blood covering his head. According to reports, he was a nearby bus driver who had just concluded his duty.

Many Ukrainians who were fleeing the conflict in the Donbas region further east, where Russia has focused its ground forces, were taken in by Dnipro.

Sergei Shoigu, the minister of defence for Russia, has directed his soldiers to intensify their operations there in order to stop Ukrainian artillery and missile attacks on Russian-controlled territory.

The Russian media said that he was addressing the military on Ukrainian territory that they control.

According to Ukrainian officials, a Russian cruise missile strike in Vinnytsia on Thursday resulted in at least 23 fatalities and several injuries. Even further away from the Donbas front line than Dnipro, the city is located southwest of Kyiv.

As per the reports, Black Sea submarines fired missiles. The Ukrainian military said that the aircraft that hit Dnipro were flying over the Caspian Sea.

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