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Sarkcyber Launches the HC 200 Ursa: An Electric Scooter Ready to Conquer Europe

The Sarkcyber debuted the HC 200 Ursa in the Italian market

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
I am 21 years old and an avid Motorsports enthusiast.

ITALY: The HC 200 Ursa is a standout model in the burgeoning electric scooter industry, introduced by Sarkcyber, a promising player that entered the market in 2021.

Sarkcyber’s team, consisting of former Honda two-wheeler department employees, brings a wealth of expertise to the table, with Honda making notable strides in the electric scooter market.

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Designed specifically for urban and suburban environments, the Sarkcyber HC 200 Ursa is a versatile electric scooter that blends performance and style. 

With a top speed of 70 kilometres per hour (44 miles per hour), it offers swift and efficient transportation within cities and their outskirts. 

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The HC 200 Ursa boasts a sleek and modern minimalist design, appealing to the preferences of the on-the-go generation. 

The scooter features a digital display for vital ride information, smartphone connectivity for added convenience, a remote key, and all-around LED lights for enhanced visibility.

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In terms of performance, the Sarkcyber HC 200 Ursa exceeds expectations. The bike has a rear wheel hub motor, delivering a nominal output of 2.5 kilowatts (approximately 3.5 horsepower). 

It offers a maximum output of four kilowatts (around five horsepower) for quick bursts of acceleration, perfect for manoeuvring through congested city traffic.

Powering the electric scooter is a 60-volt, 45-ampere-hour battery unit, ensuring ample energy for extended rides. 

On a single charge, the HC 200 Ursa can cover approximately 75 kilometres (47 miles) at an average speed of 45 kilometres per hour (28 miles per hour). 

It takes just three hours to fully charge the battery, allowing riders to swiftly replenish their energy reserves and continue their journeys with minimal downtime.

The HC 200 Ursa features 14-inch wheels both at the front and rear, offering stability and balance on various road surfaces. 

The scooter features front and rear disc brakes with a combined braking system (CBS) to ensure reliable stopping power, optimizing safety and control during braking manoeuvres.

Additionally, standard telescopic forks at the front and preload-adjustable shocks at the back provide a comfortable and controlled ride.

The Sarkcyber HC 200 Ursa has made its debut in the Italian market, available for purchase through the MBP and Keeway dealer networks, ensuring convenient access for interested buyers. 

Priced at 4,390 Euros (approximately USD 4,770), the HC 200 Ursa offers competitive pricing, positioning itself as one of the more affordable models in the European market.

As electric scooters continue to reshape urban transportation, the Sarkcyber HC 200 Ursa stands out as a beginner-friendly option that combines performance, style, and affordability. 

With its impressive specifications and user-friendly design, the HC 200 Ursa is ready to tackle the urban landscape, providing a sustainable and efficient solution for city dwellers across Europe.

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