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Schuberth Launches Its New E2 Modular Adventure Helmet 

Schuberth improves the E1's strengths with new features to make it even better

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
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GERMANY: The modular E1, derived from the C3 Pro and offered in an off-road version with a removable peak, marked Schuberth’s entry into the adventure helmet market in 2015.

Schuberth’s E2 helmet features

For 2023, the new E2 will replace the E1. Like the E1, the new E2 helmet incorporates touring and adventure helmet-style aesthetics with Schuberth’s well-known modular system.

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The second Schuberth helmet to receive double P/J homologation is the E2, which meets the new ECE R22.06 standard. The double homologation means the helmet is safe even with the chin bar flipped up.

To improve safety while simultaneously reducing weight, the German equipment manufacturer has developed a brand-new fiberglass shell reinforced with carbon fibre to provide enhanced shock absorption and impact dissipation. A brand-new dual-density EPS liner lies in conjunction with it.

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Additional modifications introduced to the E2 increase its versatility as an ADV and touring helmet. The removable peak, in particular, is now more vibration-absorbent and can be adjusted in three different ways.

The ventilation system features modified air inlets and extractors to increase airflow. Airflow is necessary mainly at the chin guard, where it is essential to prevent fogging of the visor.

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There is now a washable and replaceable filter to keep pollution and dust out. There is padding that the wearer can adjust and an antimicrobial liner inside the helmet that is Oeko-Tex 100 certified. Additionally, there is an integrated drop-down sunscreen and a position-memory visor mechanism.

The helmet is also ready to receive the SENA SC2 intercom system because it seamlessly incorporates the speakers and the three MESH, Bluetooth, and FM antennas.

Contingent upon the size, Schuberth pronounces a weight going from 1,675 grams to 1,860 grams. The reported weight ranges from 1,830 grams to 2,050 grams depending on the accessories.

The Schuberth E2 helmet is available for $725 (Rs 59,236.49) in three primary colours and $757 (Rs 61,848.04) in seven variations. 

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