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Sergio Perez Raises Concerns over Dangerous Light Conditions at Australian Grand Prix

Many drivers complained about poor visibility at Turn 1 due to the low sun

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
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AUSTRALIA: Red Bull driver Sergio Perez has voiced concerns about the dangerous lighting conditions at the Australian Grand Prix, suggesting that the low sun played a role in the chaotic restart of the race. 

Perez, who won the Driver of the Day award, finished fifth at the Melbourne race. 

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He has criticized the conditions at the end of the race, saying that drivers struggled with visibility at the halfway point of the 58-lap race.

The Australian Grand Prix has faced challenges in finding the right balance between safety and attracting the strongest possible audience. 

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Over the years, the FIA has changed the start time of the race many times, which has made fans and drivers worry about safety and complain. Perez’s comments echo those of other drivers who have criticized the light conditions at Albert Park.

Perez said that the drivers no longer can drive in low sun conditions. He felt there was a possibility of a big crash in the future. 

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He told the media that driving was even more difficult in the last 30 laps. “We are only passengers; we don’t see anything at all,” he commented.

The race lasted around two and a half hours after being punctuated by three red flag stoppages. 

A mistake by Kevin Magnussen late in the race set up a two-lap sprint to the chequered flag, which a series of collisions ultimately halted after a matter of moments.

Perez’s concerns raise questions about the race’s future and whether it should embrace nightlife. 

After Singapore hosted F1’s first-ever night race in 2008, it will hold five after-sunset Grands Prix in 2023. 

Despite this, the Australian Grand Prix remains among the highlights of any season and does not need change to improve the event’s atmosphere. 

However, switching to night-time racing would be a happy medium for all concerned, allowing the race to continue while addressing concerns about dangerous light conditions.

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