Shantanu Dalal’s Twitter Handle Creates New Milestones With Its Social Obligation Enterprise

On 15th August 2020, Shantanu launched the “Marathi Naukri Telegram Channel”. The telegram channel shares career and employment-related information

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Nilesh Chogle
Nilesh Chogle
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INDIA. Maharashtra. Mumbai: As a result of a story first covered by Transcontinental Times, 27-year-old Marathi youngster Rohit Ravirao Dalal(Shantanu), a soft-spoken engineer, got a fillip when he launched another venture for social justice for the benefit of aspiring candidates. 

Dalal’s initiatives for the employment of the youth

On 15th August 2020, Dalal launched the “Marathi Naukri Telegram Channel”. The telegram channel shares career and employment-related information. It lays grounds for job openings in various companies in India around specific sectors, with a special focus on candidates’ areas of education, expertise, and skillsets. However, the portal is for job search and not an employment guarantee channel. It is more of facilitation for the young enthusiastic candidates who have either graduated afresh or have specific skill sets to apply to these job openings that are shared by Dalal.

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In an earlier interview with Transcontinental Times, Dalal had given details about how and why he’d conceived the idea to run a Twitter handle for the young job aspirants of Maharashtra. Dalal has broadly laid down a foundation for all his countrymen to use his creative endeavor for the benefit of the people. “ From 2nd January itself approximately 50+ job openings were shared daily on this channel,” Dalal added.

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The Marathi Naukri Instagram Handle ventured into facilitating job availability information and career counseling during the economic meltdown. The Instagram posts have helped many people to prepare for their jobs.

On every Wednesday, beginning from the New Year, ‘The Daily Sakal Media Group Newspapers’ have begun to cover different career options in the EDU Career Supplement. Dalal contributes to the EDU Career Supplement that is a ‘career-related column’.

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“At the same time, a segment of job and career questions and answers has been undertaken by FM Radio Mirchi where I actively participate about the relevant job opportunities,” Dalal said.

Dalal’s ambition for this year is to gain participation in his career-related information on every medium which can be made available for the youth of the country. He has provided the statistics about the number of jobs that were offered and received with an appointment letter through his @iamShantanu_D Twitter handle. Due to his efforts, around 60 candidates have got permanent employment in specific jobs last year despite the lockdown and the pandemic.

He goes on to add that the candidates who applied got the jobs through their intense hard work and appropriate job searches that they endeavored. When asked about how does he feel about his remarkable efforts, he responded humbly, “We just helped/guided them to get the right job!”.

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