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Most Indians Are Ready to Choose Mental Well-being over High-salaried Jobs: Survey 

INDIA: More than 88% of Indians are willing to give up their high-paying jobs in order to ensure their mental well-being, according to a...

Australia Increases Permanent Migration Numbers amid Labour Shortage

AUSTRALIA: Australia will increase its permanent immigration numbers by 35,000 to 195,000 in the current fiscal year as it tries to refocus its attention on...

NYSC: What Next After Mandatory One-Year National Service?

NIGERIA: Many people consider the subject of what comes next after the mandatory one-year national youth service to be rhetorical, but it is a vital...

Nurses are in Demand Worldwide – Here’s How to Find an Overseas Job

Nursing is a dynamic and rewarding field, but it can also be challenging and stressful. For those who want to live abroad or work...

Shantanu Dalal’s Twitter Handle Creates New Milestones With Its Social Obligation Enterprise

INDIA. Maharashtra. Mumbai: As a result of a story first covered by Transcontinental Times, 27-year-old Marathi youngster Rohit Ravirao Dalal(Shantanu), a soft-spoken engineer, got...

EMTs in Phillipines Cope With Scarce Resources

Shortage of Emergency Medical Technicians, ambulances. and personal protective equipment in Phillipines

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