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Biden Gets in Touch with Israeli PM Netanyahu Following Sharm El Sheikh Meeting

The sole aim of the meetings was a call to ease tensions, as per White House

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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UNITED STATES/ISRAEL: On Sunday, US President Joe Biden had a phone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after the Sharm El Sheikh meeting that took place between Israeli officials and the Palestinian Authority. Both leaders would be in constant touch in the coming weeks, as stated by the White House.

Biden initiated the meeting between the officials of senior political and security sections from Israel, Jordan, Egypt, the United States, and the Palestinian Authority. The sole aim of the meetings was a call to ease tensions, as per the White House.

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Immediate action should be taken by all sections, as stated by Biden, in the form of coordination in security in order to act against terrorism and ensure the successful working of the two-state model iterated by the White House.

White House mentioned, “The President also reaffirmed his convictions that democratic ideals have always been and must continue to be a hallmark of U.S.-Israel relations, that genuine checks and balances benefit democracies, and that major reforms should be pursued with the broadest base of public support.”

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Biden made efforts to influence a compromise on the legal alterations as one of the important aspects of instilling peace. Biden mentioned that he would continue to show immense support for Israel’s security and would fight against Iran’s constant threats.

Adrienne Watson, a spokesperson for the National Security Council in the White House, mentioned that “the attendees highlighted that there haven’t been discussions at this level in almost a decade and that these talks are progressing towards forging a number of understandings that will serve as a foundation for de-escalating conflict.”

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Watson added, “As we approach the holy months of Ramadan, Passover, and Easter, as well as the ensuing months, we look forward to carrying on these conversations.”

Watson also mentioned that this meeting marked the second time that senior officials from the United States, Egypt, and Jordan attended after the meeting that was held in Aqaba almost three weeks ago.

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