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Sibling Duo Creates Ventilator And Automated Hand-Sanitizing Machine To Help Fight The Pandemic

Two young boys develop series of machines aiming to help medical workers reduce contact with Covid-19 patients

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Gaurav Singh
Gaurav Singh
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India. Ambala, Haryana. Young entrepreneurs, Vinayak and Kartik Tara, aged 8 and 12 years old have developed a series of robotic machines to promote social-distancing amongst frontline staff and citizens of India. The brothers have developed a line following robot that follows a certain route and can supply meals and medicines to all the beds in one ward and can take care of 20-25 patients. Created at a bare minimum cost of Rs 1200, the prototypes can be installed at hospitals, vegetable mandis, kirana stores, police stations, and in even police vans.

Further to their series of innovation, they have created distance sensing sunglasses. Keeping social distancing in mind, they have created sunglasses that maintains a fixed distance in public or wherever you go for basic necessities. These sunglasses are integrated with infrared (IR) sensors. If someone comes closer than 1 meter, it starts beeping. It can also be modified to play music or an automated voice saying “please maintain some distance”.

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Another such innovation includes an automated appliance control system (mobile app integrated). It can be installed at hospitals at a very low cost in which all the appliances can be operated using a mobile app. The system also has a timer for operating the appliances automatically. An interesting part about this device is that there is no need to change the appliances as this system can be integrated to old devices. This device is also compatible with WiFi and can be made within Rs 1600-1700. Similarly, for helping frontline medical staff at hospitals, the kids have created automatic ventilators and sanitizer dispensers.

Creation of the machines

The sibling duo conceptualized, designed, and built the automated machines under the guidance of Mr. Akshay Ahuja, Founder of RoboChamps.

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“We were working in a B2B model before the lockdown where we offer Robotics and Coding courses by setting up Labs in schools, however, due to corona lockdown we found it difficult to keep educating children due to our offline model. Hence we have started consulting them through video conferencing to help them continue with their education.  During the lockdown both our students were bored and thought of creating some robot so we started thinking of innovative ways of how we could create a Robot that could help during Corona, this is where the idea to create this Robot prototype came in mind.” says Mr. Akshay Ahuja, Founder, RoboChamps.

12-year-old Kartik Tara says, “Since the lockdown, we have been seeing news all over the internet, television about how Corona has affected countries, people and economies at a large scale. We got inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiatives along with a few other startups for dealing with Corona.  I want to contribute to society and promote Skill India.”

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Future plans

He further adds, “I plan to be an entrepreneur one day and Akshay Sir has been constantly helping us during this project through video conferencing and we are relentlessly working on creating more Robots for future also”

8-year-old Vinayak Tara quips excitedly, “I am really happy that we created something that will help hospitals and public places. Akshay sir has been mentoring us constantly on a video call and I want to thank him for all his hard work.”

Vinayak has a track record of making more than 16 robots at the age of 5 and has also won India Book of World Record for the same.


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