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Silicon Valley Based Angle Investor’s SkillWiki Continues To Upskill Low Wage Workers

The non-profit organization supports low-wage workers in getting trained on the latest IT technologies to become qualified to compete in the hi-tech job marketplace

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UNITED STATES. California: In a world of high competition where professional skills are of utmost importance, SkillWiki continues to help low wage workers in the IT sector, founded by Kishore Pallapothu, a Silicon Valley based angle investor. Ever since its inception, SkillWiki has been constantly helping out the low wage workers. This non-profit organisation equips them with the latest skills necessary in their field of work and helps them find better employment.

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Kishore Pallapothu comes from an IT background and is a computer science alumnus from Texas A&M University. Being engaged in the IT sector, he realised that one of the major problems in the industry was the lack of skills among the low-wage workers.

The constantly evolving world of information technology calls for up-to-date skills in various fields. While there are plenty of courses available, a large section of the working population in the sector cannot access them due to financial restraints. As a result, the low wage workers remain that way, as without upgrading their skills they are unable to find better jobs. Upon realising the root cause of the problem, Kishore Pallapothu decided to remedy it with a new startup and this is how SkillWiki came into being.

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SkillWiki on a mission

SkillWiki aims to bridge the gap between academic output and industry requirements, thereby helping students secure better jobs.

The organisation seeks out the promising young professionals who are motivated about earning better skills and utilising them but cannot afford the relevant courses. They are then provided with practical knowledge that would prove useful in their field of work. 18 professional teachers guide these students, helping them build new skills or upgrade their existing skillset.

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SkillWiki doesn’t just stop at training the students. The organisation also offers career training and job placements. The job seekers can also access the vast online resources of SkillWiki and book appointments with their employment advisors. Apart from the technical skills, the students also receive the training necessary to develop better cognitive and socio-emotional skills.


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